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August 29, 2007


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Lovin' the new blaahhhg. I spy, with my little eye, last pic, mouse pooples.


I could totally see you in those.

If there were two.


I could totally see you in those.

If there were two.


I could totally see you in those.

If there were two.


I could totally see you in those.

If there were two.


Jordaan, Thanks. Those are monster mouse droppings. Nutria droppings? Please God, no.

Lioux, cool! I only have two feet though, not eight.


creeeepy! I'm so excited for this new feature/blog!


I love this!


I will fight you for those chairs!


Yay, thanks to ma ladies for your enthusiasm! I am so nerdily excited about this project.


That's it! That's my new catchphrase! I'll yell it when everything is fucked.


(I believe it's "see-bay-go")


And that ghostly cobbler will appear over your head.
I thought of it yelled, too, like SEBADOH!

Steve N

SEBAGO. Still proudly made in Maine. Grab a pair for your next yachting trip.


I just wish I had that problem/solution poster to end all my shoe problems...especially the fallind down one.


Good idea! :)

Big Daddy

I think Lioux had too much caffeine





The Militello's that you saw used to be Tic Toc Shoe Repair & I went there with my grandmother as a child. The part of town that you're highlighting was the "center" of BR for a long time. Militello's has another shop on S. Sherwood Forest (southeast BR). I've brought boots & other shoes for repair & polishing. Also, I used to live in the apartments right behind that shopping center (The Villas) while in college...they are really cute since most have single owners who renovated them. You really need to strike out into the rest of BR. You'd be surprised at what you see. Reply to my email address if you want a tour guide.


Oh, I do plan to branch out--my first two months here have been carless. By a little over two weeks from now I'll have my car down here & I'll give you a shout. Keep the background info coming--it must be strange to see a place you went to as a kid all trashed like this.


I do remember this store. Tic Toc shoes is correct and my parents bought me many shoes there in the 60's. They had a little 3 stair platform that was great for testing shoes. Also in the shopping center was a Rexall Drugs, A&P Grocery, Cohn Turner (the place to rent tux's for prom) and D.H Holmes department store.

stephen langley

mitello's was originally a full service retail shoe-ewery called Tic-Toc Shoes. It was the best, most professional shoe store in Baton Rouge. They sold the best brands, such as Allen Edmundson (?), Stride Rite, etc. You couldn't walk out of the place with an ill fitting pair - they simply wouldn't allow it! If you had a hard to fit foot, this was the place to find quality, stylish shoes that fit. They did a huge business in children's foot ware, as well as work boots, casual and of course dress shoes. Tic Toc Shoes was originally owned by Mose Wanda. My X-Wife worked there while in high school during the late nineteen sixties. I have a hard to fit foot, and the first pair of properly fitting shoes i ever owned came from Tic-Toc with her loving and expert fitting. I was always fascinated by the "shoe culture" of the place. Everyone there was totally committed to the cobbler's art. Thanx for this really cool blog. I have an interest in these old abandoned places. I could tell a few personal stories about the Belmont Motel as well. Anyways, keep up the interesting explorations.


It saddens me to see TicToc in such disrepair. I remember a large Pied Piper mural on the wall and the little bridge that kids could run on. And Miss Cotton. It was said that Miss Cotton sold Christ His first pair of sandals. I got all my shoes at TicToc in the 50s & 60s. I got my first child's Stride Rite's there in 1980. Thanks for the blog, albeit bittersweet.

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This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I am grateful that you let us look in! Keep coming up with ideas.

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I have the same feeling as you, so good. however, if you add some explanation below the pictures, it's better.

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Thats an interesting post. I knew some of them but mostly it was new to me. I enjoyed it very much.Keep them coming, because you have a fan.

Becky Johnson

Once again, my mom bought countless shoes here for us and the family when I was little. We lived within walking distance. So sad to see it go!!!

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I just wish I had that problem/solution poster to end all my shoe problems...especially the fallind down one.

Ed Hardy Boots

If our shoes are broken, we can make a repair and wear them as a new pair of shoes.

ecco shoes

There are Deco, midcentury, and timeless (aka, I don't know what style to label them) creepy buildings in varying states of decay, all begging for documentation.


Colleen Kane

Alicia, that old Tic Toc commercial just led me into the same old time BR TV ad K-hole that Facebook indicates you were in this week. Tom & I just watched like 10 commercials without meaning to.

Basketball Sneakers

That's my new catchphrase! I'll yell it when everything is fucked.


Millitello's is still around. They have a brand new store in the "new epicenter of Br" (arguably) on corporate off college drive. I just got 3 pairs of shoes repaired and they are still the best. When I was in there a man was sitting in the platform chair getting his shoes shined and reading the paper... Location may change but not much else does around here.


Me. Wanda, Mrs. Cotton and Mr. Billy were three of my favorite people when I was a kid! I loved going there and playing on the bridge I front of the huge painting of the Pied Piper! My grandparents would take me shopping for clothes at D.H. Holmes and then we would get shoes to go with my outfits. I wish that I knew where that painting ended up. I would buy it in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing these photos!!

Wendy Davis

This is pretty cool information! thank you. DO you ahve any current suggestions for shoe repair in chicago ? I am looking for something affordable. Can you help?


Thanks for posting this. The building is demolished now and peering through the window via these photos brought back lots of childhood memories.

Terry Dier

Welcome to the new Baton Rouge! I grew up in North Baton Rouge;went to school at Redemptorist & Istrouma - look at them now. With the past and current idiots running our city government, it will get worst before it gets better. No one will make a stand against black crime in North/Central Baton Rouge. I live in Central now where people seem to act "right" and mostly safe.

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