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August 29, 2008


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These are great photos, did you get a new camera?

I read somewhere that armadillos can carry leprosy, don't know if that applies to ex-armadillos though...


i feel like i have mosquito bites now. did yall go to new roads?


Thanks, Therese, you are very observant! A few of these photos were taken with fiance's fancier camera. & there is an old leper colony around there somewhere so I'm glad we didnt' touch that thing.

Amy, What's New Roads? I'm new to these parts.


Yo Kane,

The former leper colony, is now known as the National Hansen's Disease Center in Carville, Louisiana (yes that's James Carville's family....I know his aunt and was a ROTC classmate with two of his cousins)


Hey Cuz,

More of the old building photos please...i like the thought they evoke and you're good with the camera. The former pets too. I might've formed them into a :-( or something for an omg ysb

Susan Kirby-Smith

Awesome photos. I can't wait to go venturing to some of these locations.

Ryan Waldron

I crossed the fence and took some up close pictures of the ruins of cottage plantation. Some of them are here http://www.flickr.com/photos/rwaldron/page19/ if you are interested, but I do have plenty more that I haven't yet uploaded. feel free to contact me if you want more picture, or to discuss River Road, or to even just chat

amber gordon

Hi im an amature photographer and have many plantation shots. I want pictures too of the old ruins. but how did you jump the fence and where did you park your car?'
I didn't see any place to do so.

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