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September 20, 2008


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The Christian Book Store was heavily damaged from Gustav. I've been told that they aren't going to open again. The losses were too great. This is sad, as this store has been operating for decades.


Abandoned Baton Rouge it was nice to find you.

Leslie @ the oko box

LOL! This one actually made me laugh - that holy spirit binder or whatever it was- and Jesus haircut!!! Gawd, does it ever end in Baton Rouge, the depressing weridness is like an infinite artistic black hole. :)


Haha, that atlas place is open.
Or at least it was about 2 years ago?
I got some glasses from there.


"No public restrooms?" Not very Christian, I must say. How dare you deny your brothers in their time of need?


Perhaps they meant by "no public restrooms" that the restroom was not, you know, in public. Cause really, who wants to go in public? I wonder if asked about it if they would do the Christian thing and directly you to a private restroom. After all, WWJD.


I just bought glasses from Atlas about a year and a half back. They give good discounts to LSU Students if you saw the eye doctor at LSU Student Health Center.


I love, love, love your blog! Congrats on being featured on typepad. Your passion comes through in your work.



i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

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