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September 12, 2008


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I would have been sooo tempted to open one of those boxes, to see what kind of thing would jump out at me!


Yet another "closed for remodeling" sign.

These business owners ain't foolin' nobody with their false promises. It's sort of like your ex saying "we can still be friends."

Yeah, right. And Sarkis is gonna grand re-open in the fall, too, right after that big excursion to the Orient for another shipload of fabulous rugs!


I remember when that rug store used to have a beautiful, live parrot that would sit on a perch above the door all day. At some point, the bird was stolen and there was a big to do about it in the newspaper or on the news. Eventually someone recovered the stolen bird. I remember being little, and begging my mom to slow down when we passed by so we could look at the parrot.


I attended Baton Rouge High from 1999 to 2003 and drove down Government Street past the rug store every single day. Although the dates have changed, a sign has been out front since at least 1999 advertising their re-opening!

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