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November 21, 2008


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So, uhm... did the Rascal work?

Did you say that the plant-controlled building was still in use?


Not sure about the Rascal, Apollo, I couldn't get inside.
And it did in fact appear that building is in use. I just called the number on the sign out front and they are in business.
The sign says, "Where Patient Care is Our #1 Priority."
Know what's not their #1 priority? It has to do with plant maintenance.


In my home town there was a building with a very similar plant growing in the lobby in an equally squished-against-the glass/going-to-take-over manner. It always weirded me out that some one would 1)plant something indoors that has the potential to grow that big and 2)not trim a giant plant that is taking over the lobby. That being said, I love this blog and would like to thank you for my new found fascination with abandoned buildings.


Your comment on the dog made me LOL. "What a pervert!"

And wow is that plant insane. You really are on another planet.


When plants attack! At some point that plant is going to punch through that window and escape. Just wait.

Evelyn Arrows

FEED ME, Seymour!


I just love your blog. But I have one quasi-blog question: what type of cool looking green bike is that?? One more: did you ride all the way to that area from south BR?


The cool green bike looks like an old Schwinn Varsity from what I can see in the photo.

Tom Baddley

Awesome site! Love the plant foyer and agree that the office entrance is wonderful! Keep up the good work and thanks for the link.


Hey Randall-- sorry for the uh, 3.5 year delay in responding! It is in fact a Schwinn Varsity as Darren said. Also, I rode from Mid City that day.
Thanks all!

Elizabeth P.

I’m sad you didn’t rescue the pervert😔

Colleen Kane

@Elizabeth P., I did rescue another dog from that part of town while I lived in BR, and I still have her today! She's 10.


The prosthetics place is now Parris Cardiovascular Center.

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