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January 21, 2009


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Hopefully the Louisiana Office Supply building will soon be the new home of LRCE (The Louisiana Resource Center for Educators). They are hoping to move from their current, and much smaller, space in the Bon Carre technology park.


I really wanted you to know that you have a wonderful blog. I found it this summer on a random Google search I did at work when I had nothing to do. I have been reading it and checking it probably once a week ever since to see if you updated. I am also from Raleigh, not really near to Baton Rouge. I just find your posts and photos fascinating, and I encourage you to keep going with this!


If this post had a merch table, I'd be mulling around it after the encore.


I mean, milling, HAHAHA (sigh)

Evelyn Arrows

drug-store codeine// dignity plague...awesometown.


I asked the bone experts at work and guys agree (after some heated debate) that it's a housecat in that pic.

Keith D

The furneral home is still in operation. It is unfortunate that people hang out when it is closed and leave empty bottles of beer around.


Brad, I guess that's cool. Roller club would have been cooler.

Meg, why thank you!

Calvin, hmmm...maybe I should sell merch...

Keith D, How is it still open, if there is a for rent sign out front, and a tarp covering the business' sign?

Keith D

my mistake. It was open until recently. I guess if you let a few months go by in Baton Rouge, thing change for the worse.
I was riding around yesterday and came across an interesting site I never noticed before. Drive eastbound down goodwood ave, right before Lobdell. The is a "mansion" on the left, set back from the road. I "tresspassed" out of curiosity and found it to be a beautiful old building that had signs of construction around it. I would love to know what its story is.

joey mabile

Man, those bones! Ho-Lee Sh*t! I would have been a gone pecan!

Keith D

Inspired by Colleen, I am starting a blog of places i go. http://duncanstrek.wordpress.com has pics and details about that "mansion" for you to check out. Also, "Colleen, did you see the Lone Oak Cemetery when you went down River Road?"


Great find with the house, Keith D! I tried commenting on your blog, but it didn't let me. I didn't see that cemetery on River Road...

Keith D

the comments should be working now, thanks


I was really hoping you had found olde tyme office supplies to share with me. (I like anything that comes with carbon paper, and basically anything else, like slide rules, that is completely obsolete.)

Susan Kirby-Smith

yay! We drive by Leo's everyday and I always wish I had a picture.


That building with the multiple arched roofs used to be H.J. Wilson and company back in the late 50's early 60's. After that, I think it became a boating store and I'm almost SURE that there was like an indoor swimming pool where they would put a boat in the 'water' for you. Wilson's used to be somewhere uptown, then they moved here, then later they moved further east on Fla. Blvd up by the 'new' Sears. Does anybody remember the Globe that used to be across from Sears?


I remember Globe from the 1960s. It closed down in the 1970s and the Baton Rouge Flea Market took up residence there, and for a while was a permanent sort of market, open most days of the week. Globe used to be the raunchiest discount department store, they had everything from parakeets to sneakers. I bought a black cowboy hat there when I was ten!

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15th February 2013 Update:

The Louisiana Office Supply building is currently the home of LRCE. Dean Tower (the 14 story skyscraper next to it) is currently for sale.

The Welsh Funeral Home no longer has a "For Rent" sign out in front of it and currently sits abandoned.

Keith D, the residence you are referring to is Goodwood Plantation, one of many former plantations that once sat inside current Baton Rouge city limits. It is currently privately owned and occupied.


The Boat store I think was called Aqua Marine


And the Shoppers Fair on Plank


WOW! Leo's Rollerland, many a Friday nights there.

Welsh Funeral Home ~ Lived in the apartment there for about a year. Ironically, the year Katrina rolled through ~ FUN times being in a funeral home with no electricity for a few days and some "guests" staying for a few days ;) Shortly after Welsh was purchased, the company decided to close that location as the building would be too expensive to repair let alone maintain. The building is still used for casket storage. It is owned by Service Corporation International, who also owns Greenoaks, just down Florida Blvd. There are several tales of that building...

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