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February 02, 2009


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They were right - Barq's IS good!

joey mabile

Good finds, my friend. I really like the second pic of the outside structure of the roller rink. Your site is super cool. Before happening upon it, I thought I was the only one who found this stuff so interesting. Keep up the good work!


Some of these pics would look amazing blown up and framed. Like the white doors with the orange backround and my favorite one, the one with tons of bricks.


As soon as I saw Leo, I thought of Leo from Twin Peaks. Leo as a roller rink owner. I'd like to see that Twin Peak spin-off.


I think that Barq's® may be worse than Addie's bite.


And now I want to Roller Boogie.

mimi wilson

how do i find out who owns these buildings and if they can be bought or leased. WE are looking for an old building to restore and make a business with.


Elizabeth, agreed.

Joey M, welcome, and thank you!

Jules, maybe I should look into that.

kartek, I think about Twin Peaks here pretty much every day.

Lioux, you get most clever commenter award, in this fine awards seaon.

Mimi, Many of these buildings have "for rent" signs out front. Let me know if you need the location of any specific building.

chris damico

I'd love to know the address of the old Barq's plant. That tank might mean there are more tanks up there. You will assuredly get a cut (in beer?) if a microbrewery is started there.


Chris, I'll take you up on that cut! it's on North St. if you head east to I believe right before it ends in a residential area. It's the North that's North of Fla and parallel to it, not the one South of it, not sure if it's Avenue/St/etc.


Hey everyone, just wanted to say i love the blog. I love riding through these older areas of BR and seeing the past before me.

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Great shots! I particularly like the church photos.


I used to go to Leo's when it was open. Had great times there as a kid. The city's population is moving south and north leaving all this behind.


I'm trying to find pictures of Leo's from the 50's. My parents met there and are now celebrating their 50th anniversary. I'm attempting to make a slide show of their life and have come to a dead end when it comes to Leo's. My mom also use to tell me about hanging out in a place called 'Hoppers.' If that rings a bell for anyone, please let me know.



Try getting IN Leo's, that's where the interesting stuff is. I won't say how I know that, but there's interesting stuff -and people- inside. Including a toilet - used for its purpose but obviously not attached to plumbing. Yeah, 10,000 kinds of gross.

And I'm pretty sure "Hoppers" was a milkshake like place, where Ruby Tuesdays is in Cortana if memory serves me correctly. They took pride in their milkshakes that were so thick you could flip it upside down and it wouldn't spill out!


Leo's used to be THE place for kids' birthday parties in the 1960s. Back then, the skates had wooden wheels, and corny organ music was played while everyone skated around. One of the best ways to fall and nearly kill yourself was when the mandatory "doing the Hokey Pokey on your rollerskates" would start.

David Norman

Leo Seaman is my grandfather on my fathers side (Les). Leo passed away in 1993 after an injury sustained from falling off the roof of the new rink on Airways (near Cortana Mall). His wife Nimbo, passed away last year (2008) at the age of 79. Leo's children, Les, Perry, Anne, Brad and Todd, continue to run the newer rink's (Ice & Roller) to this day. Nice pictures, a piece of Baton Rouge history.

Abandon Motels Of Louisiana

Where is Leo Roller and Barqs plant located in Baton Rouge?

Abandon Motels Of Louisiana


Steve Perry

Hopper's was a drive-in burger 'n' shake place. Think American Graffiti. There were three locations: First one was on Scenic Hwy, near the Plant; second one was on Florida Blvd. -- not that far away from Leo's. Third one was on Airline Hwy, near the Plank Road interchange. Busiest places in town on Friday and Saturday nights in the mid-1960's.

Once you started drinking beer, you could go to Rock's Drive In, which was on Nicholson or Highland Road, out toward LSU.

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I loved reading all of this! Leo's was a big hit when I grew up in the late 60's!


Not sure when hoppers closed ... I'm 23 & I remember my mom taking me there @ maybe 6 ?? I do remember it being pretty run down


Awesome pics of the old Leo's Roller Rink. I was born in 1970, so I naturally went to many schoolmate's b-day skate-parties there:) Fun Fair Park was another popular party destination. I remember when the two "new" rinks (ice + roller) opened at Cortana, and they became much more popular. The last time I went to the old Leo's was in 1986 (or so) to see Rollins Band. It was an interesting show - Henry Rollins playing in the middle of the rink, with most of the lights off, and everyone just gathered all around the band. Thanks for risking your life to get those photos - seriously, it's really dangerous around there now, so be careful!
Melanie E.


The Barq's building is on the corner of North St. and 49th...the actual address is 535 North 49th

jim bruce

what is the building address that had the TOUPS sign laying down by the tree?

Amber St Romain

Does anyone know if Skate City Is still there? Back in 1974 I think I use to go to Leos rink. I lived in Park Forest Subdivsion. The best skate rink was Skate City.

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