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January 12, 2010


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P Buckman

Oh my! I had no idea this had been allowed to happen. What's wrong with us people? Guess I just don't understand ... progress?


kane, you have outdone yourself with this one...absolutely superb reporting!!!

bravo zulu (squid talk for "well done")


Tremendous piece, and yes, I immediately added you to my Facebook page. Enjoy the new camera!

Jerry Odom

RIP Alex Box. I went to baseball camp as a kid there with Skip Bertman and learned a lot. Your pictures here are beautiful here no doubt but if your intention was to capture gloomy you got that too.

nursing top

oh what happened? sorry to hear this. but i like the way you capture this scenarios.

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The sea can accommodate all, so we just to see the sea, our heart is infinitely more freedom and broad!

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Ah, yes...let us who almost universally feel New Orleans has a serious litter problem jump all over a representative who actually suggests doing something about it because we don't like her politics. And yes, I DON'T like her politics.

Becky Johnson

OMG! This post breaks my heart. I used to see dozens of baseball games with my dad here growing up. He passed away 2 years ago. Just reeling from the pictures of this site!

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It might take 10 minutes or 20, but that mess won’t be there for the next person to have to deal with.

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Americans will have to have a civil war or revolution based on poverty like in France or Russia before such an extreme system as has developed becomes tabu (like a strong currency is aboslutely necessary in Germany due to perceptiopn of inflation bringing down Weimar Republic for example).

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I am glad it was appropriately punished. I don't work in a big agency, i am an independent, so I don't have any insight into how agencies bill, but I know how I do it, and there is no padding there, so for others to muddy that up is pretty irritating indee

Signs in a Day

Man I miss the old Alex Box even though the new one is so incredible. You really should reopen this blog and post some more. You take great pics and I always stumble in here.

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