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February 21, 2015


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John Arehart

Love it. Used to live in Baton Rouge ... from age 5-9 — long before I was in to exploring abandoned locations. Thanks for posting!


So good to see you back, even if for just one location.

Mike D

Cool article. I've worked down the street from the Watson for 12 years now. I pass it every day and sometimes I actually remember it's there. When I started here it used to be clearly visible yet still abandoned. I always wondered about it. Thanks for sharing your visit!

Hudson Chesteen

How could I get to the Watson Motel. I live in Baton Rouge by LSU. And I would like to check out the Watson Motel.

Jeff L

If this was the motel on Airline just before Highland Rd., it and the house next to it were torn down.


Lived in Baton Rouge my whole life till a few years ago and never knew about this hotel. Guess I never traveled that side of airline until the 2000's so never saw it. Saw this article while trying to pinpoint where the hotel was. http://www.225batonrouge.com/community/remembering-three-bustling-motels-airline-highway


"Prostitution corridor..." Well, Airline Highway, obviously, was not always that way. Before Interstate highways were complete, these U.S. federal highways were interstate highways of their day, that's why there were so many motel properties on them.

When the vast amount of traffic moved onto the Interstates, the U.S. Highways slowly died off, as did the businesses along them. Look at the nostalgia for Route 66 that gets stronger every year. The Pixar feature Cars showed this clearly.

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