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January 12, 2018


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Specifically Baton Rouge area locations?

Jan Moller

I doubt this is news to you, but have you seen the "abandoned louisiana" group on Facebook? There are more than 45,000 members and more photos/stories about long-forgotten places than I can count.

Congrats on the book!


I actually didn't know about that, thanks so much, Jan!

And Taryn, yes please!

Katie Schaefer

I hope the local NPR station hears about your book. They covered a book about New Orleans history (Bachelor in New Orleans) and several of us went out and bought it!

Keep up the good work, it is really fascinating and the pictures are so cool.

Colleen Kane

I'll have to get in touch with them when it's out. Thanks, Katie! I'm loving working on the book.


Looking forward to checking out the book! There are so many amazing abandoned buildings around Baton Rouge. Should be quite an interesting read.

Ken prater

My husband worked there when they filmed The Toy! He was a bellman! Richard Pryor, his housekeeper, Gladys, stayed there!

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