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April 16, 2008


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I think people who buy pre-shredded carrots and pre-cut veggies are a) lazy and b) stupid - I would much rather take the THREE MINUTES to cut my veggies and spend the extra dollar on a can of PBR.

And those jogging strollers are WRONG WRONG WRONG. I understand the need to lose baby weight, but jarring your baby's tender brain around in its soft little skull is not worth the 10 pounds you'll lose.


i'm slow soaking some red beans right now! And later I'm going to slow cook them on a stove after i self-chop up some onions with my hand and a knife! Take that, America!

of course, not having a job enables me to do these sorts of activities.


I don't have a microwave and have not had one for years. My mom-in- law tried to give us one for Christmas and my husband exchanged it for a vacuum cleaner. She was insulted and she thinks we live in the Dark Ages.

Also not good for children: Having a job.
I has to do this thing at work with two child actors, and though it was not as horrible as it could have been, I was still a little creeped out. Plus the kids have no idea whats going on. A photographer asked a four year old, "Okay, now can you act like a pirate". The kid was like, "no".


But how is the microwave bad for us? You roused my curiosity then went into the whole stroller thing. For the record - I think jogging with a stroller is just selfish on the part of the jogger.


I am kind of conflicted on these issues. I only use my microwave for popcorn and reheating. I don't think I have ever cooked or defrosted anything in it. I think it would be kind of a pain in the ass not to have it, but avoiding cancer might just balance that out. Also, I have been known to buy bagged salad when I am feeling particularly lazy or rushed, but I get the appropriate guilt trip with the purchase. Not that it stops me.
On the baby jogger front, I have no real issue with this because anything that exposes kids to the outdoors and some form of nature has to be better than hours and hours of being inside with Pop Tarts and Elmo. And I kind of like when I see parents riding around with their kids on bike seats or in bike trailers. I think it's cute and a good way to get in some exercise. But that's just me.


Oh btw I'm totally PRO microwave as per my recipe in an article in the NYT about how the microwave is awesome for cooking eggplant. (I'm a shameless self-promoter, I know.)


roop, i know, right? also i was thinking about that, thought it was weird of a food guy in the times to recommend the micro. but awesome that he recommended you!

amy, as a work-from-homer, i've been doing a lot of making food from scratch.

jeff, As to what the micro does that's so bad, you're supposed to read the article! I can't sum up all the sciencey stuff. But if I have to: carcinogens galore.

ellen, haha. that kid was dumb.

cajunkate, i sometimes buy the loose-leaf greens, too. and the pre-shredded cheese. and i feel the guilt as i always do about everything. kids on bike seats tend to be a little bigger than we're talking about here, though. like they can sit upright on their own. not necc so for stroller derby kids.


I know that microwaving plastic is not good since the plastic seeps into the food. I try to use the toaster oven as much as possible and only nuke when I have to.

I'd hate to see what has happened to the wheels on the stroller...it can't be a good scene.


While I do get your point of multi tasking and all, I also agree with Cajun Kate. It might be fun for the child to be getting fresh air and being exposed to nature, etc. It may even inspire them as they grow up to know how important and invigorating it is for your health.

As far as the microwave goes, it is very concerning. I have been even more concerned about plastic. Have you seen the reports on the news about the dangers of water bottles and reusing them etc? It's freaking me out. I plan on blogging about that shortly actually.


I have used the jog stroller. The beauty of the jog stroller, for me, was that it often put my kids to sleep. So there wasn't really any visuals flying by because they were snorin'. AND-this is important, I usually walked. I would also get pissed during the couple 5Ks I ran, sans jog stroller, when I would get passed by dad or mom with kids in jog stroller. That just burns. Now they just want to walk so getting in the jog stroller involves bribery and threats-And I have to save bribery and threats for bedtime.
Have you written about Slow Food or was that my "hubbs"? Any way-great movement. A tad obsessive for me-I am not really a "movement" kind of gal, but interesting in theory.
And I am sad to report that it is your computer that is not allowing you to post on Life In Slo-Mo. I posted a comment tonight. :(


My cousin put her kids in baby joggers while she went for her 5 mile runs every other day because as a mother of 3 children under the age of 5, she said quite frankly, "I'll beat them if I don't run".

Fair enough.


I don't think jogging with a jogging stroller is bad. I'd be curious about a regular stroller since it's not made for that sort of thing.

I was in D.C. last week and saw a guy running with a regular stroller which seemed so out of place that I took a mental note of him so I could describe it later in case I saw an amber alert...but that's how weird I can be.


I thought I was the only anti-baby jogging shmo out there! When I lived in L.A., I would see people FLY by with babies up the very steep hill in Runyon Canyon, and I didn't understand peoples' absolute lack of concern that this friggin baby was likely to soar with the eagles off the steep cliff next to the narrow path.

That said, I kind of want one, but only for off-roading, not jogging. I tested one out the other day to try and see if they are sturdy, because I felt like they must be and I'm totally just clueless about them. Nope, running with one still seems like a terrible idea.

Also - food from the microwave: flaccid. Food from the oven/t. oven - delish. No other argument needed.


I remember the carefree days before having a baby when I could casually judge parents on this thing or that.

What you learn when you are a parent (among 1,000s of things) is that you better not judge because we can't all be perfect. You might not be the one jogging with your baby, but you might be the one letting your kid watch the freakin' teletubbies while you cook dinner or you might be the one giving your kid a pacifier with BPA plastic.

Also, I'm going to hire Roopa to do do the cuttin' and slicin' of my baby veggies 'cuz who has time for that bull shit six times a day? Also, I give credit to people who actually eat enough veggies or bother to serve their kids good wholesome food, be it in a bag or no (shoutout to Stahlbush Island Farms sustainable organic bagged produce!!). I even microwave it, folks. Don't call child protective services, okay? okay. Fast-paced life? See how fast you move when your child is screaming for food. (It's actually good exercise!)

Anyway, cokane and Roopa, sometimes it ain't easy, but you do what you can.

Oh, and if you have kids someday, you'll think your comments are pretty hilarious and out-of-touch and if you don't, then you're the uptight mom nobody wants to have over for a playdate and coffee.

Lazy and Stupid (too lazy to run with the stroller, anyway)


tap the brakes there Lazy & Stupid. I think you read that article with a tone that CoKane didn't intend. At least, I read it with whimsy, not selfish parent hate.

Then again, maybe she touched a nerve. There's an old saying, toss a rock in a pack of dogs and the one that yelps is probly the one that got hit.


Totally, Josh. Defensive? Yes! I probs should have waited a day to post after reading. I don't know about you dads, but there's an awful lot of mom guilt out there! Work/don't work, organic (but it has to be locally grown!), TV/noTV etc. Wah me!! I guess I need to relax.....I'm new at this!

Also, I get the cokane tone thing. We go back a ways and I love the blog, even when targeting my specific demographic (guilty moms!).


oh meanie t-I totally get your drift...as a mom-my initial reaction was defensive. SOOOOOOOO many things I never thought I would do in my parenting world like bribe my kids with dessert if they eat their veggies. And I am that mom with freaking out kids in the grocery store-that's me-frazzled-crazy lady with two screaming kids. And NO BODY knows what it is like until you have kids. Just not possible to know what you are capable of or not until that little being comes in your world. But really it is good, isn't it?


Thanks all. This is like my Baton Rouge: Retarded or Just Slow? post, but for the moms. Unintentional! Sometimes I'll throw a post up without considering it from all angles, but then again, if I did and altered it accordingly, posts would be like "My my. Oatmeal sure is wholesome."
Maybe I should play up the whole "as someone with no kids, clearly I know what's best for kids" angle more so everyone's follies are given equal time. I've since done more research on the jogging stroller phenom, since I did not understand it, and the results were varied: depending on the info found it makes slightly more sense and slightly less sense. Mainly the part that still seems crazy is the barreling-down-the-street-with- babies part. Perhaps this all will appear in essay form elsewhere, hopefully better articulated.
But Joshua was right, it was meant with whimsy, not accusation.


thanks, co. That's what makes this blog so great. I sure as hell don't want to read about oatmeal being wholesome. in fact, the whole "mom culture" on message boards and stuff gets waaaay too polite and boring.

Beth, it is pretty wonderful having a child, thanks for your post.

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