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April 11, 2008


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Patrick Swayze®™©™

V-Day?! Do you mean to tell me it's Valentines Day in Baton Rouge?



crawfish are the roaches of the sea.


Why can't anyone outside of the Northeast get pizza (or bagels) right? I've heard people go on at length about things like altitude and mineral content of the water, but no one can back up any of their theories.


also, if you want amazing pizza, try slice on st. charles in nola. delicious.


My fave Stephen Groo films are "hypnotized" and "A Challenge of Faith". Oh, and "Mermaids" Enjoy!!


Sometimes they can't get pizza right in NE either. It never fails to amaze the pizza joints that manage to survive even if their pizza has absolutely no taste or flavor.


Try Fleur de Lis on Govt. St. if you haven't already.
If you can stand the smell of the bar then it's worth it. yum!
Last time we were there a couple celebrating thier 50th anniv. was there and said they celebrated there b/c it was the only place that was really hadn't changed (in a good way, I think)


Yeah, Fleur de Lis is the poo. Just had some Friday. Around The World, holla!

And that's an anole, a kind of lizard. Not a gecko. Gecko are the spotted grey things that showed up a few years back. They weren't here before, rumor is they're from NOLA. Serious, as a kid, they weren't around.

The anole, on the other hand, has always been here.


Oh, I hear you on the pizza. And no one should ever pay more than $1 for a can of Schlitz. EVER.


If you ever go back the S&G and want to drink beer, go for the $5 pitcher of "house beer". Yeah, it's Keystone, but does it really matter? Once you go below a certain quality level of beer, it pretty much all tastes the same.

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