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October 03, 2008


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Thought about your fiance when I saw these PRs.

LSU Landscape Architecture Students Win National Award

Louisiana State Museum Showcases Works of LSU Landscape Architecture
Students on River Road Project


Awww, Addie & Coop are so cute.

I just had the most disturbing conversation with one of the attorneys here regarding Palin. Basically, he won't vote for Obama because he thinks Obama's antisemetic but has no problem at all, apparently, with Palin's wacko church or the thought of teaching creationism or doing away with the seperation of church & state. He also thinks we SHOULD bomb Iran and thinks McCain/Palin are much more likely to do it.

And I thought people with all that schoolin were supposed to be intelligent ...


I'm not sure whether to apologize for the table and say you're welcome for the letter or vice versa.


LOL - extreme cat rape!! That reminds me of when I was flipping through the channels to see the Steve W Show -whatever his name is, the security guard on Jerry Springer. Here was the topic, as written on the screen. I tried watching for a minute and through beeps and weave-tossing, still couldn't figure it out:



Thank goodness. I think I am finally cular on how to pronounce NUKE-LEE- AR.

And. Awww...Puppies...

Will the hot sauce you're going to make be 'Mild'? Or 'Nucular'?


hey sorry to comment again, but I found something those doggies need: http://wigglesdogwigs.com/custom

I'm thinking mohawk for Miss Addie and Joe the Bartender for Coop


Alexis, that's funny, some of that River Road press release was news to my fiance, too.

Elizabeth, wow. Also, the dogs DO need those. A certain yellow boy's birthday is coming up...

Jonathan, I thank you for both.

Amanda, funniest comment today!!

Lioux, I will make semi-nucLEar suace.

Big Daddy

The audio doesn't work for me on 'Boyfriends'.



I got extremely depressed when I thought of all the soccer moms and joe sixpacks out there, who like her because she is so "real".


I think I had some "extreme cat rape" doritos the other day.



Sarah Palin is a repackaged female version of Dubya. The US will continue to be the laughing stock of the world if she gets elected.


shouldn't the second highest office in this country be reserved for someone who is slightly more qualified than joe sixpack?

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