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June 11, 2009


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Oh my goodness! How cool!
What fun this looks like!

I just need to remember this genius line:

"You the same hair as the girl I hooked up with last weekend who was now dead"

I'm *totally* gonna score with this hot guy I have my eyes on with that one. Yes!


Makes me want my own bachelorette party. *Sigh* always a bridesmaid...

I wonder if they make vagina straws for bachelor parties?


All straws are vagina straws.


Some fist pumping going on up here in Maine...what a great weekend! Private Karaoke Room? That exists? Makes me mucho happy!


Woah! What didn't you do while in NYC?? I guess you had a lot of catching up to do. Looks like a lot of fun. Your hair looks great!


Wow, what did Dane Cook, Jr. say to you? Is he as lame as his dad?

No, for real, what did the guy say back to you?


Love the shoes! They are now Xtreme peep toes.


WOW, sounds like an awesome time with really great friends!

Phoenix Edler

Looks like homeboy needed a haircut himself! Anyway, you seemed to have a fun bachelorette party. I wonder how your then-fiance topped that!

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