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October 12, 2009


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I was eating bread stuffed with etouffee in the pic, and Kevin had gator on a stick. I remember all of the foods as being the best foods. And the olds as being the cutest olds. And then the beer as being the drunkenest beer. And after that I remember absolutely nothing.


Scene missing...scene found!

You're not overstating the Zydeco brunch vibe, it was awesome! Like a big Cajun mosh pit, but with coordinated dancing. And olds. Just way better.

Too bad that puppy was headed for the Slush factory. And shortly after, I to the Slosh factory.

No, that was so fun, I'm SO GLAD you got to experience the Cajun party vibe!

PS -- remember those corn grits?!

Colleen Kane

Alicia, mmmm hmmmm!

Kev, OMG! Forgot the amazing corn grits!!!! [Scenes missing]

Both, And remember heckling that little kid from afar (but maybe not afar enough)? He was trying to run fast but sucked.


It seemed like he was going to do something cool but he just ran the other way. Thanks a lot for the letdown, Kid.


I...do not remember this.


corn grits?????

it ain't grits if it's not made from corn!!!!


It was "roasted corn grits," specified as such on the menu,* and it was crazy extra super corn-y.

* http://www.festivalsacadiens.com/food.html




I need to start finding cool shit like this to do up here in North Alabama. We do have a wide variety of olds here. A lot of them are the kooky, retired-engineer type.


dancing! Hooray!


Gator and frog on a stick? What country are you in?

Not a member of Wilderness Pangs

That's a really cool shirt Alicia is wearing in that picture! I wonder where she found such a cool thing!

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Southern Louisiana has again proven to have fun olds. I marveled watching them: so often in this country, old age is tragic. This might be a good place to move if you want to avoid that "death's waiting room" stage.

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