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November 02, 2009


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I love how anything goes on Halloween. Who would think a blue mouse should be carrying a pigs head? Not me.


I really need to get to New Orleans for Halloween sometime. I thought I was going to be there this year but unfortunately things didn't work out.

Still, I dressed as Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters and generally debauched so it was a good weekend.

Your couples costume idea was genius, by the way. But you were incorrect to assume that Meg White actually has drumming 'technique'.


Undead make up aside, that's a good look for you!


Undead make up aside, that's a good look for you.


Let me say it again: Undead make up aside...

Sorry for the double up.

Colleen Kane

Karin, Totally! And that could almost be a normal day in New Orleans, too.

Apollo, thanks! Picture of you as Mythbusters guy, please!

Alicia, If Woody had gone right to the police, this would never have happened. If you get that ref I will kiss you. I bet my hubbs will get it.


Well pucker up, Kane, because that's from Woody Woodpecker's "Bunco Busters."

Just kidding, I didn't know it. I looked it up. I did love Woody, though. Since I'm partially there with Woody love and quote look-up ability, why don't you give Hubbs the kiss, but stare dead into my eyes while it's happening. Then we all win!

Colleen Kane

Disturbing(ly sexy)
I also Googled it and was happy to see how well it was remembered. I guess cartoon quotes really get embedded while kids' brains are fresh. (Fresh brains? Still a little undead from the weekend.)

Brick Shields

I started reading your blogs Cokane because last year I googled something about halloween costumes and was brought to your old blog page showcasing your favorite costumes over the years. Of note is the Lampshade. Damn that's so good. I've been a reader ever since. Can't wait to see what happens in bklyn.

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