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January 04, 2010


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Poor old Coop...

Having spent pieces of my life about 90 miles south of OKC learning to shoot things that go boom when they get to their destination, Oklahoma is NOT one of my favorite places. That being said, looks like they've come a long way since my last visit there.


with the risk of offending any loyal readers, i have to say that i could die tomorrow and be o.k. with the fact that i've never seen OK. except i could weep with jealousy about the concert. one day wayne will stop denying he's my boyfriend.


omg those smooshy faces! I want to snuggle them up. Puppies!!!1!!


Big Autry fan here. And Wanda Jackson. Maybe I need to make a pilgrimage! I could be the customer they've been waiting for!


Those pics from the concert are amazing. What kind of camera did you get? And I love the photo of the doggies!!!


ha ha! HIPPIE!

jk - glad you had so much fun at the show. Now the Willie thing - that makes me jealous. I would love to see ole Willie. And I love Wanda Jackson and like Gene Autry; he was the singing cowboy, ya know. Although I'm not sure it's worth a trip to OK. I've been there and the flatness just brings me down for some reason.

Oh, and as someone who could possibly be accused of having "excessive tattoos" - I think that part of the dress code (as well as others) is to discourage thugs/gang members. They have a lot of gang trouble out there.


That show looked like sensory overload and possible alien upduction reenactment. Just been to Tulsa, OK during my cross-country. Nothing memorable except the 6 cokes I drank to get from Denver to Tulsa and the stinky hotel room we stayed in.

Colleen Kane

Man, not much love for OK here. I can't say I disagree, and Alicia, I wouldn't recommend the journey b/c you should visit us in NY instead.

Julie- Thanks-- the camera is the new improved version of my previous two digital cameras, a Sony Cybershot.

E- I saw another set of club dress guidelines like that (in Waco) that seemed directed right at African Americans. I wonder if they consider unnatural blondness "bizarre hair color", as I bet a lot of that is let inside that place.


Hmm, I wonder if unnatural blondeness IS a bizarre hair color. It'd be pretty funny if someone was turned away because of it.

Those type of dress codes are actually all over the country, up here too (including, notoriously, Jay Z's club). It has been argued that they're directed at a certain race or races (blacks, hispanics) but on the other hand, the club owners (often minorities themselves) argue that the codes are just to try to weed out thugs of any color, and thus avoid trouble in the club. Is it discriminatory to deny someone entrance because he's wearing say, a hoody and workboots? I don't know, honestly. But many places have dress codes, including requiring a jacket and tie for men at certain restaurants. Of course not everyone who dresses a certain way is a thug, but, most thugs do dress in a rather cliched manner.


Happy 2010! What a celebration!! So happy for you guys! The photos of the balloons & the puppies are GREAT!
If I dye my hair wacky again I couldn't go into the 7in1 club? Boo!!! :( Love the shout out to no overly baggy jeans. Hahaha! :)


Oklahoma is kind of bland from the outside looking in, but I am a British expat who lived there for about 5 years and attended university there (I now live in Boston) and I can tell you that when you get beneath the kitchy tourism crap, Oklahoma is an outstanding state. I promise! Glad to find your blog - got to you via Tracie Egan's blog. - Limey

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