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Purpera Building, Romano's Pack & Save, Mason lodge, and more

I had usage of a car today, so I was able to expand my territory, but sadly I was forced back to the Old Blue Eye camera. No matter, because I shall make it up to you with a cavalcade of sites...and my first confrontation.



This is the Purpera Building, as proudly announced on the crown of the building. You'd think there'd be some mention of it somewhere on the world wide Interwebs, right?

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Pace's hair Styling: the patriotic salon that time never forgot

This low-profile, enigmatic hair salon had escaped my notice on my first sweep through this stretch of Government.


I like how uncertain the lettering looks. It reflects my experience at the place. What is its deal?! I grew even more confused after looking inside.


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The bleakest day (hopefully) of abandoned exploration

I know I promised no more blue-tinted photos, and I did finally get to borrow a better camera, but before that happened, I took a walk on Government Street heading toward the Old Miss and got these shots. On this day's expedition, I was as lonely as this cute elephant.



This was most recently called something like People's Car Parts, Inc., according to the faded lettering on the exterior. But originally, I think this building looks more like maybe an old movie theater. Or maybe it was just a big store with big display windows. At any rate, it is now difficult to imagine this area when this was new and nice.

This place was about where I started officially feeling out of my league, just very conspicuous taking photos, to those at the car wash across the street.


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LoBianco's Gro. & Beer, Unknown car joint, Winn Dixie

Last Friday was an epic photo-gathering expedition for me. I was out nearly three hours in the midday sun, covering five abandoned sites, also stopping for excellent Lebanese food at Arzi's and narrowly avoiding heat stroke. Problem is, this is a photo blog and my g-damn digital camera won't stop washing everything in blue. So I've decided to post the remaining three sites I shot that day all in one post, before switching over to use my bf's fancier camera. After this post, say goodbye to the blues!

Here we have LoBianco's Gro. & Beer at Government Street and Steele, in the classic Old South style that I have actually never seen outside of movies and TV.


Could this sun-faded promotional Stroh's poster be sadder right now? Not really.


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A-Ace Insurance/ Able Insurance

One of the exciting aspects of urban exploration is that often, places that initially looked dull can hold a surprise or two. Take this boring old insurance agency. They took the lame Yellow Pages alphabetical tactic of starting the business name with a bunch of A's. Like, way to have confidence in your services, Ace.


Only they couldn't decide which "A" name they wanted. This one doesn't exactly instill more confidence in their services.



Eh, they're just able. No wonder they went out of business. But I soon learned this place hasn't been completely abandoned...

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Shell station

Although the exterior of the garage still proclaims Ser ice is Our Business, this Shell station on Government Street near Acadian will ser ice no more. It appears to have been out of business since 2006. It's seedy now, but it's not difficult to imagine the place new; and it has a cool, simple, modern design, even if it was the same one used by countless other gas stations. (Click photos to enlarge)



Actually, it is providing one ser ice: The garages are being used to store a muscle car, a Land Cruiser, and a pickup.


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