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Shell station

Although the exterior of the garage still proclaims Ser ice is Our Business, this Shell station on Government Street near Acadian will ser ice no more. It appears to have been out of business since 2006. It's seedy now, but it's not difficult to imagine the place new; and it has a cool, simple, modern design, even if it was the same one used by countless other gas stations. (Click photos to enlarge)



Actually, it is providing one ser ice: The garages are being used to store a muscle car, a Land Cruiser, and a pickup.


And other folks use abandoned businesses in this area for parking and dumping vehicles.



At this spot, I discovered I was not alone.



My first instinct was to scrammo, but I don't think the owner of a leg that skeletal would be much threat. Unless it was an actual skeleton. Nonetheless, I spent less time there than I normally would have.


I'm noticing a local theme of not emptying out places before leaving...a treat for the urban explorer.


This place really knows how to accessorize!


This is one of the only examples of graffitti I've seen around these parts.



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Um that shoe really creeped me out. Be careful.


Ser ice with a Sm le.

Red Stick Modern

Great site... can't wait to see what you document next.


That was Sonny Cutrera's shop, original Shell sign. Sonny was a good old boy whose face was so red from high blood pressure that we thought he'd drop dead any minute. The place didn't look too much different when it was open. Sonny was always there to help us out when my parents' cars broke down. At one point they owned two Chevettes, so that would be A LOT.


That Shell station is a classic; a well-preserved specimen, considering. I've wanted for years to stop there and take pictures, but for one reason or another, I never do.

Unfortunately, sometime between May and June, the Shell sign by the road came down. All that remains of it is about a foot or so of signpost.

Jordan Rome

I dont know if you remeber when th eexxon plant exploded. I am not sure what year but it was my birthday Dec. 24 Christmas Eve. My mom and brother and I were out visiting people and she had top stop here to use the restroom. While she was away we heard the explsion and saw to peices of insulation falling all around us. Pretty neat. Thanks for this site. I have very fond memories of many of these places.


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These types of pics are always interesting for me. Thanks alot for sharing.

Andrew Ratcliff

Does anybody know who owns the vehicles still inside this abandoned Shell Station. I have lived on Eugene since 2002 and those vehicles have not moved. It appears one may be a classic 69 SS Chevelle or El-Camino. If it's in good shape it be able to be restored.

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