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The bleakest day (hopefully) of abandoned exploration

I know I promised no more blue-tinted photos, and I did finally get to borrow a better camera, but before that happened, I took a walk on Government Street heading toward the Old Miss and got these shots. On this day's expedition, I was as lonely as this cute elephant.



This was most recently called something like People's Car Parts, Inc., according to the faded lettering on the exterior. But originally, I think this building looks more like maybe an old movie theater. Or maybe it was just a big store with big display windows. At any rate, it is now difficult to imagine this area when this was new and nice.

This place was about where I started officially feeling out of my league, just very conspicuous taking photos, to those at the car wash across the street.



This building looks abandoned, and has grates but no glass in the windows, but I later discovered it is semi-occupied.


On my return trip I was on that side of the street, and heard a phone ring inside. I peeked in, and it looks like it's being used as a workshop. Or maybe it's just being fixed up for sale.


This is the abandoned Hotel Lincoln, with a sad house foundation in the foreground. It reminds me of back home, a little bit, because there's an infamous no-tell motel in Jersey City by the Holland Tunnel called the Lincoln Motel.


If you look closely on the sign, this building was called something else before it was the Hotel Lincoln. I really wish I could go in there. But like I said before on this blog, I don't like stuff that murders me.


Plenty of rock-star parking at Hotel Lincoln!


At this point I was drawing quite a bit of attention from the barber shop next door, so off I went. This slowly rotating sign is all that's left of Gulf Coast, whatever that was. I'm thinking it was a gas station.


I can't even tell if this funeral home is abandoned, and I was already going out of my comfort zone just leaving Government Street to quickly investigate. I'm pretty sure it is. Holy depressionville. 


There was an actual stray dog in this driveway area. It scuttled for cover when I came by. I haven't seen stray dogs roaming streets anywhere since I was last in Ireland.



Again, abandoned or not? Who can tell? Maybe they just wanted a tree on their roof and aren't bothered by the bugs getting in the broken windows.



Speaking of Ireland, a vintage Citroen?! Awesome! You never see these over here! That's the best thing I've seen all day.


I was actually scared taking photos of this house, it looks so haunted. But again...possibly occupied?


On the lawn was a sign for senatorial candidate Fields. Great, the witch who "lives" here endorses Fields, you should, too!


I'm trying my durndest not to think of these steps leading to nowhere as a metaphor for anything else in my life or locally. Onward to cheerier and and less blue posts, in the next Abandoned Baton Rouge.


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Very creepy. You at least carry mace with you...right?


I love how nature reclaims everything, eventually. Like trees and plants literally pop up and grab what hasn't stirred for a couple years.


Jules, I think I finally threw out all the 25 cans of mace my dad gave me in college. But I will get some new protection.

And Amanda, I love that too!


um stairs to nowhere metaphor for your life?! Talk about depressville ;)

That said, i think it's a cool shot if you go back, remove the litter and do it in inverted black and white
(ps right now your life is just an elevator stuck between floors- be happy you brought something to do and try to enjoy it while it lasts :))


I saw 2 random dogs roaming the streets of Plainfield when I got my car inspected. Garbage was blowing too. A little weird. Just happy they seemed relatively benign and not pit bulls.


Thanks Jewie, I am trying to keep my chin up & use this time to conquer the writing world.

And Kartek--speaking of abandoned, Plainfield, NJ is filled with closed-up stores and such. Like the whole old downtown area. Unless they've fixed it up since I've last been there. I used to like driving through there instead of taking Rte. 22 home from work.


I generally don't venture into Plainfield since it's not so nice and full of a zillion traffic lights. But next time I'm in the area, I'll give you the full report.

Big Daddy

Is all of Ba Rou that run down looking?

I only saw it from the highway.


No, thankfully. Some parts are really beautiful with huge old live oaks, some with the Spanish Moss, and homes ranging from cute and little to big and impressive in size. My neighborhood itself is cute. The area around it, i.e., what you've seen on this blog so far, not so much.

Big Daddy


For a second there I was really worried for you.


I remember when Jim and Lu's was still open. My friend Worth and I used to call it "Jim and Lu's Stop and Rob."

David G.

I was actually in the Turkish Bath house today working on an alarm system. I`m a graduate of LSU photography and the inside of that place is pretty interesting. Floor to ceiling carpet, the old baths, and old arches and such. They are tearing the place down soon though to build some low income housing.


While growing up in Baton Rouge, my school bus would stop in front of the Jim and Lu Grocery every day on the way to Istrouma Middle School (now abandoned/demolished). ...Brings back a lot of memories... Nice work!


LSU star Marcus Thornton learned his game out on the courts behind Dufroq Elementary (sad elephant photo). I should know since he rained and dunked on me plenty of evenings out there.


Don't be fooled, guys. There's a lot of history in these places and in this city. I guess it's just how you look at it.


These photos are from my "hood". A few comments: The Lincoln Hotel was from the era of segregated accommodations and would have been for blacks only. Jim & Lu have painted on the side of the building their offerings, among them beer, liquor, and "tukey" wings. Dufroq School is being renovated into a mega-school about 3 times the original size. When it and the renovated BR High School are completed, MidTown should be greatly enhanced. Believe me, in 10 years this area along Gov't St. will be gentrified.


The tall red brick building with the tree in the top and broken windows is or was owned and used by Entergy. At one time a few offices were in the building but now it houses equipment that does not require anyone in attendance.


That (sadly) abandoned warehouse next to the railroad tracks was once a Spanish Town Mardi Gras float factory. Our school bus passed by the guys working in it every afternoon.


The "abandoned warehouse" next to the rail road tracks with the balcony is not abandoned. A friend of mine owns it. It's an Industrial Materials company. It looks partially abandoned because at the time this pic was taken, he was looking to lease out the front half of the building, which is now leased and not empty. He is on the board for Spanish Town Mardi Gras, so that is where they also build their floats during the season. It's not a "float factory" but could easily be mistaken for one I suppose...lol. I was just there a couple of weeks ago getting ready for the upcoming season of Mardi Gras, painting the flamingos that show up in the LSU lakes! :)

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