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ABR Roadshow: Denham Springs Bowl N Putt

So, I had heard that Denham Springs, a town a few minutes down the highway from Baton Rouge, had a cute old-time downtown area. When my road trip partner Leah was still down here, we decided to check it out. First and most importantly, we found this:


An abandoned bowling alley! Awesome! Two great seedy tastes that taste all-American creepy together.


I have to admit to really nerding out on being able to see into an empty bowling alley. It's kind of like all my lifelong Stephen-King-reading, zombie-movie-loving fantasies come true. Once again, if only, if only if only, we could have gone inside. Still--being able to see inside was a treat. 


In the same week before we found this, my bf happened to meet some kid (in his early 20s) who used to work at this place, and from what he said, we figure it closed down about five years ago.


The many baked insect husks on this floor begged to claim otherwise, that it has been much longer since a bowling ball has rolled down the alleys at the Denham Springs Bowl N Putt, but what do they know.



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BnP closed less than 5 years ago. Your typical bowling alley with autoscoring, etc...the putting part was rinky-dink (indoor outdoor carpet and 2x4's)

There had been talk in the 80's of making this location a movie theatre...before it became BnP.

Leslie @ the oko box

my sister has been living in Denham Springs for nearly 10 years now- she's a teacher at Walker Elementry. Otherwise i NEVER would have been there in my life - i will never forget the first time i drove through the area and there was a southern flag flying on nearly every business, david duke stickers on people's cars, and some crazy store that sold cages and chainsaws (which i was told the other day is going out of business - so will probably be abandoned any day now). What i am saying is Denim Springs creeped me the hell out.


there are not southern flags flyin on ever bussiness and there are not david duke stickers everywhere you are full of bull,you are just trying to make us look rascist.but all in all were not stupid are schooling system has the 15th top ranked schools in the nation.so i would say that all your nothern folks are stupid and ingnorant to the fact that we in southern LA have modern tech and we have indoor pluming to just in case your might of thought we didnt.


I am a transplanted Virginian new to the area. This building has interested me for awhile, and seems like prime space for something new. In fact, a couple of months ago the doors were open and people were working inside. Another abandoned site that would seem to have potential is the Winn Dixie. Denham Springs is far from a "creepy" town. I decided to buy a house out here despite the fact the Army will likely keep me here for only three years. I've seen all sorts, one has only to go to Wal-Mart to see the stereotypical Livingston Parish resident (judging from intel I gathered online before I relocated). People down here have impressed me with their kindness, and I have seen far fewer fringe types (of all races) down here than I saw in Virginia.


I am now 23 years old, living in Rochester, NY. I feel like I grew up at Bowl n Putt. It is my most missed memory of Louisiana by far. I spent more time here than I did my own house. It was a booming bowling alley and I wish someone would have tried to pick it up and do something with it. It would have been worth it. I started bowling there when I was 8 years old and I have been a bowler ever since. To this day I have not seen an alley with so much space to walk around. I mean, 5 pool tables, 2 gaming arcade rooms, 6 birthday party rooms, a separate dine-in snack bar, 32 lanes, and 18 holes of miniature golf(even if the golf was kinda crummy. tell me where you've seen it anywhere else). The evening leagues were like a family. Everyone knew everyone. And when there was a party or get-together, everyone was there. It wasn't just a money making business. The best way to describe it,would be comparing it to the TV show "CHEERS". It was a place to feel safe. So safe, that my sister and my friends rode out Hurricane Katrina there. I have allot of memories of Bowl n Putt and I have to say, I've spent the night there, spent many hours after closing, gone through the creepiest places at the creepiest times, and not one of those memories were creepy. Jason Couch( the #1 ranked pro bowler at the time) doesn't show up at a tournament to a run down creepy bowling alley. Bowl n Putt is a part of me and will always be a part of who I am and the decisions I make.


I just stumbled across this post, and had to LOl at Chad's comment. Prime example of stereotypical Southern intelligence. ;)

Trixie sheffield

Love that there will be a place for the kids to go. We need more activities for them.

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