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Everywhere a Sign

It's been a minute since I've posted on ABR, which can be blamed on my transitory status between computers (I'll settle into my latest inherited one next week), the holidays, several weeks of holiday travel, as well as winter, which here seems to mean rainy mornings and soggy ground. But I've only scratched the surface of local abandonment, and will continue documenting sites hopefully by next week.

Meanwhile I wanted to share a like-minded site I became aware of thanks to Sweet Tooth, the new arts broadsheet from Culture Candy: Signs of Baton Rouge. This website documents the dying art of hand-painted commercial signs...a few of which have been in this blog and my other blog. Just say no to vinyl banner signs and check it out.

I also have an update on the A-Ace insurance building I posted about a few months back: SOLD! Must have been due to my post; where's my commish? Sadly there's a big Dumpster out front, so it looks like they're not preserving the early '80s lavender and lattice decor scheme. Too bad, because that look might be considered in style in some hipster-concentrated areas such as Portland, Oregon.