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Three Sisters ladies' shoppe


I'm told by fellow urban explorer Josh that Three Sisters used to be a ladies' department store. I was intrigued, but when I looked up the phrases "Three Sisters," "department store," and "Baton Rouge," on Google, all that came up was obituaries. Apparently a popular job for Southern ladies who died recently was working in department stores. Also, a lot of them had three sisters.




If only they'd left the mannequins.



The expansive front display zone was climate controlled.


And this guy had an expansive open-air bicycle sound system.



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dinner roll

This will be developed into something soon.
It's one of the last untouched properties on Third Street, which is on fire with renovations.

Big Daddy


That looks like the old Neusteter's store here in Denver with those display zones.

It got turned in to a Eddie Bauer then a Rite Aid.


Maybe the three sisters ran off with the three brothers pizza guys from the NJ Shore?


About a year ago a bid was put in on the Commerce Building, but the person was more than a little shady. Initially, he used an alias, later, there were questions about mob connections, etc. etc.

Sigh. The ground floor certainly is interesting enough, and in the recent past has hosted both "Virtual Museum" exhibits as well as, a while back, at least one vintage automobile (I don't know if that was part of the Virtual Museum or not).

I just wish someone would repaint the facade--that color is really hideous.


ooooooooohhhhhh creeeeeeepy

mannis are always the first thing to go.


Here's the inside: http://www.flickr.com/photos/imali03/sets/72157602687531351/

The decor doesn't exactly scream "women's clothing." I don't know what was in here last. Someone mentioned something about motorcycles, but vintage cars would make sense, too.


I *love* this segment of your blog!

Cool blog all around, by the way.


I grew up in BR and when I was a little girl, a big treat was to ride the bus downtown (all dressed up, of course), shop or go to a movie and have lunch at Stroubes or a soda at Walgreens.

Years later, I worked downtown in 2 different time periods and spent a dollar or two at Three Sisters.

Love your blog and hope to see more of the old downtown "haunts' talked about.

Sharon L. Ward

Denison, Texas (North of Dallas/Plano - on the Oklahoma border - Also President Eisenhowers birth place) - back in the 50's thru maybe the 80's - there was a shoppee downtown Denison, Texas 75020 - named "Three Sisters" it was a department store that carried womens clothing - I have a freind - Kathy Surratt (maiden name) whos mother worked there all her life. Back in the day - it was (or seemed) to be a nice place for older women to shop. It was on Main Street - downtown. I'm not sure if this was a chain - seemed at the time this was the only Three Sisters - but looking back - it may have been like Kress 5 and dime, Newberrys, etc. This was back before malls - when there were downtowns......boy those were the days - such sweet memories! :-)

Jeffrey Boyd

There was an Three Sisters department store located at 5960 Eastern Avenue, now known as Martin Luther King Dr. It was abandoned for over 20 years until a gentleman converted it into a club 3 years ago. I would like find some old photos. If someone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.


This has got be one of the styliest most Posh store entrances I've seen, on my branch, and as i see now, also on yours. But their shoes are simply spectacular and for me it's not a cat in the sack!



I spotted a Three Sister's facade in Port Arthur. Looking at the 2 photos, I'd say the font is the same and likely a chain.

Colleen Kane

Thanks for all the memories/ info about Three Sisters, everyone! Jill, especially cool to see your photos-- everyone else should check them out, too.


Okay.I was born and lived in Freeport,Texas*(*60 Miles South of Houston)from 1959-74 and I remember a mostly women's clothing store in Downtown Freeport called Three Sisters.

My Mom and Paternal Grandma shopped there along with Weiner's Department Stores as well.

If theyr'e the same store chain I'd love to know.


three sisters was a very fashionable ladies shop in atlanta ga. I bought my prom dress there in 1963. they had affordable and stylist fashions for the day. the logo on the store front that you show looks the same as th atlanta store.



I remember going in this store with my aunts when they were teens. I remember those scary ass mannequins like it was yesterday! Thanks for this awesome blog ...they bring back so many memories.


I used to shop here with my mother often for clothes. That was before the days of a mall in Baton Rouge. Actually, they had nice clothes for a reasonable price back in the 1960's. There were several clothing stores in that area, and we made a day of it.


I posted a photo of my sisters and I on a local Facebook page in front of a walkway tiled with "Three Sisters". I was also told it sold women's apparel. Several believed it was local, but it appears that is not the case. I cannot determine how to attach my photo. The lettering was different, but sounds like the same store. The location I photographed was on the square in Springfield, Missouri.



Here it the link to my photo.


Did anyone know Polly Lucia who worked at three sisters in Baton Rouge

Jan Dardenne

Did anyone have the dates it opened and closed? I can't find that. I too road a bus downtown (also dressed up) with my mom and 2 sisters (there were 3 of us, ha ha) as my Dad drove the one car we had to work.

Diana Ward

In the late forties I worked part time while in high school in a three sisters store in the South side of a store in Chicago, Illinois. Something goggled my memory and I came up with the name- Three Sisters. Googling I found this site. Merchandising was radically different then. If the customer wanted a blouse a clerk behind the counter opened boxes and displayed her ware..

Stacey Mitchell

I managed this store when it was Three Sisters....it was part of the Petrie Retail group which also owned Stuart's and Stuart's Plus....all now gone

Rosemary Elwell

Well, yay for the Google. I was searching for info on Three Sisters after seeing the what was left of the Port Arthur, Texas store, which is just the part of the floor around the entrance, and one of the first things that came up was this blog post.

Geneva Toussaint

My name is Geneva and I loved three sisters, we bought white suits for church about 20 years ago and we still have those suits today. Our Usher ministry was sad when the Baton Rouge, La store closed. It would be great if we could find a Boutique similar to Three Sisters who sales white suits that’s washable and keeps it’s shape.

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