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The Bellemont, Part Two

If you haven't already, please see Part One of The Bellemont here.

We weren't expecting the interior area of the Bellemont to be so expansive. Here's the drive leading into the interior, complete with a tree growing out of the roof.


Here's the straight-ahead view from the main road in.


We could have branched off to the left, but first we cut straight across the campus. The further into the complex we got, the more likely it seemed that we were being watched, just because there were so many places there to be watched from.

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The Bellemont

The Bellemont was an Antebellum, Colonial, plantation-style hotel and convention center built in 1946, according to a Yahoo travel listing that doesn't yet know it's closed.


This enormous complex is empty now...kind of. (See that car? Not ours. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.) Thankfully I had a new abandoned co-explorer to help me braven up for this mission.


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Beauty School Dropout

D-Jay's School of Beauty is one of the few businesses featured here on ABR that still exists elsewhere, such as Mitiello's, Shell, and Winn-Dixie. They even have a website on the Internets. However, the beauty school dropped out of this particular Government Street Location.


Judging by this sign, their move must have happened around the time of laser discs.


(To the sellers/leasers: Here's a tip I learned from HGTV existing: this property might move faster if you clear out the burned-up garbage from the front area. Just a thought.)

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