The Bellemont, Part Three
The land of Cotton's...and more

Abandoned Baton Rouge is not abandoned

Hi all, a quick update: I am off exploring much farther-flung lands than my usual Baton Rouge beat, but the abandoned hits will keep on coming just as soon as I'm back in front of a computer on a regular basis again.

After Ed Cullen's great article in the Advocate earlier this week, the page views on this little blog shot into the stratosphere. I received emails from numerous new readers and it's been great hearing everyone's personal memories of the sites I've covered in this blog.

So thanks for the interest, keep checking back, and I'll post more as soon as I can!


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I howled over memories of the Book Exchange. The "novelties" it sold were very unusual in the early 1970s and everyone remembers his/her first trip into the back room, when such items were hidden away. The Turkish Baths were located near some apartments where old friends used to live. We were actually shot at, right near there, when we surprised someone robbing our car. Have you been able to see the Alamo Plaza--used to be called a motor court--on Florida Blvd,near the Foster intersetion? Wish you had been here before the powers that be demolished downtown's art deco/nouveau masterpieces for (empty) parking garages. And be careful! We appreciate the pictures and memories, but careful.


You rock, Colleen! Have safe travels! Can't wait to hear all about your journey!

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