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Dry Cleaners Past and Present, Plus ABR Birthday Contest

Abandoned Baton Rouge's Greatest Hits

Welcome, newcomers! Today, a month or so shy of the one-year anniversary of this blog, I am honored to announce that Abandoned Baton Rouge is TypePad's Featured Blog of the Day.

I'm presently out of state, so I don't have a new post for you, but meanwhile, allow me to show you around some of the most popular abandoned sites so far.

Jimmy Swaggart Bible College Dorm: Don't you miss televangelist scandals? Relive the fallen glory with this tour of a dorm that never was.

The Bellemont Motor Lodge: Once one of Baton Rouge's finest places to stay, its lobby is now home to a living carpet of moss and mold.

Lincoln Theater complex: It's got history, it's semi-occupied, and it's for sale. Brad Pitt, don't you want to open an indie theater in Louisiana's second coolest city?

And make sure you don't miss the reminiscences and local color left in the comments sections by Baton Rouge residents and former residents.

I've also gotten love recently from The Bryant Park Project blog from NPR News. They found ABR via Baton Rouge expat The Mighty Favog of the Revolution 21 blog.

What's next? My artist neighbors recently told me about a few Louisiana abandoned sites so creepy, so gothic, so certainly haunted, SO exciting that I can hardly stand it (the teenage horror-fanatic metalhead in me is going berserk). Make sure to bookmark/blogroll ABR so you don't miss upcoming posts!


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Congratulations to the Typepad featured blog!

Your blog is fantastic!


You better save some of those creepy and haunted sites for my visit!


i was born in lafayette, and after my parents divorced, my mom, step dad, and myself moved to BR. we lived on hood ave, right across from south downs elem ( i think that was the name of the school- i didn't go there). what's going on with that area? i haven't lived there in over 20 years. i remember it was a cute, older neighborhood close to campus and a great bookstore on perkins rd called claytor's and the bar where at the tender age of 3 i ate my first dozen raw oysters. the bar was marco's seafood.
any news???
love this site. just found it today! thanks


So glad the blog has gotten so much attention. I love the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College dorm post. Graffiti and all.


I truly enjoyed looking at your pcitures.

Congrats on being featured!

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