The next Gustav update
One that's probably not going to reopen

More Gustav Damage: Christian Book Store and more


This is one of many businesses on Florida Boulevard whose freestanding roadside sign, as you'll see below, took a beating from the winds of Gustav.

But more interesting to me was that instead of all the usual crap being left inside an abandoned, er, closed for repairs business, it was standing out in the lot for the world to see.


No Christian books in evidence here, but plenty of rolls of reciepts, hanging folders, and wrapping paper.





Note the obligatory shopping cart above. They must just grow at empty sites.



Ah, the old "closed until repaired" story. We've seen such claims before. In defense of this one, though, workers were on site.



On the way back I stopped at a bleak, run-down strip mall on North Boulevard that I've been meaning to check out. It's set up as two conjoined U-shapes and I learned today that it is the site of no less than seven hair salons and barber shops (out of an estimated 18 storefronts total).



Even though this thrift store had an OPEN sign in the door, something told me they were no longer open. I was right. A scattering of junk was inside, including a cheap dorm lamp with decor still taped onto it: a guy giving the finger, which read beneath, "EAT IT," and this somewhat cool scoop chair.


And finally, a place whose signage I've admired whenever I drive by on North Boulevard. The clues about its open or closed status are: dim light on inside but no cars in the lot and no answer to the still-functioning phone line during business hours on a Saturday. Open or not? Who knows. What I do know is this:


That lettering and those giant eyeglasses make me about as happy and content as I suspect this church hand fan is supposed to make the devout as they reflect on pan-racial friendship with Jesus.


I see Jesus got a haircut since I've last been to church.


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The Christian Book Store was heavily damaged from Gustav. I've been told that they aren't going to open again. The losses were too great. This is sad, as this store has been operating for decades.


Abandoned Baton Rouge it was nice to find you.

Leslie @ the oko box

LOL! This one actually made me laugh - that holy spirit binder or whatever it was- and Jesus haircut!!! Gawd, does it ever end in Baton Rouge, the depressing weridness is like an infinite artistic black hole. :)


Haha, that atlas place is open.
Or at least it was about 2 years ago?
I got some glasses from there.


"No public restrooms?" Not very Christian, I must say. How dare you deny your brothers in their time of need?


Perhaps they meant by "no public restrooms" that the restroom was not, you know, in public. Cause really, who wants to go in public? I wonder if asked about it if they would do the Christian thing and directly you to a private restroom. After all, WWJD.


I just bought glasses from Atlas about a year and a half back. They give good discounts to LSU Students if you saw the eye doctor at LSU Student Health Center.


I love, love, love your blog! Congrats on being featured on typepad. Your passion comes through in your work.



i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

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