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Dog Day Afternoon



I have now used this title at least twice in previous blog posts, but not on this blog, so no matter.
Kara and I and Miss Lola Mae the chocolate Labrador went out on another bicycle jaunt on Sunday. We encountered numerous dogs, of the "hot" and "stray" and "barking like they wanted to rip out our jugulars" types.

Here is one that falls under the "hot dog" category, on the side of what I decided was an old whistle stop cafe, as it was set right along some train tracks.


If you look closely, you'll see the ghost of what appears to be a hand-painted Community Coffee banner on the building.


I know: BFD. It gets better after the jump.

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Scenic Highway

If you find abandoned buildings, vehicles, and discarded furniture scenic, then Scenic Highway lives up to its name.


Co-explorer Kara and I arrived in this unfamiliar part of town on bicycle with her dog, Miss Lola Mae, trotting alongside for protection. 


As Kara, another newcomer by way of North Carolina, observed, it looks almost Caribbean here sometimes. I've never been, but knew what she meant.


The money shot of the day was found just past the corrugated-metal building on the left, and is found here after the jump. 

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Car repair in disrepair

Sometimes in Baton Rouge, you see an abandoned gas station / auto repair shop like this one, just after Gustav...


...and it's got a lot of crap lying around, including in this case, a pom-pom.


But overall, big whoop.

Other times, like this new view of another abandoned auto shop (courtesy of the hurricane), it's appealing in a beautiful decay way and even reveals some hidden cars.



Still others might have interesting guts, but you can't see in.


I even have one additional car shop in the coffers, but it's part of the next post.

But all of the above are trumped by the creep factor of the following ex- gas station/ auto sales & repair shop, Greenwell Auto Sales.

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