More Gustav Damage: Christian Book Store and more
The real Superstore : No prices every day


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Leslie @ the oko box

WTF? Did they just waste all that food? I don't eat that kind of food, but seeing all the stuff left behind is already hard, but seeing food demolished when people are starving is really aweful!


I guess they were lying about the renovations huh?


There was an article in Oct in the local newspaper about how a new overpass over some RR tracks hasn't led to the commerce improvements they were hoping for. Romanos is discussed on page 4.

I wouldn't have ever described them as having done a brisk business. I've lived in Baton Rouge 19 years and I never once shopped there, and I probably live 1/2 mile from there. But I'll give them a break if they wanted to say closed for rennovations, they may have even meant it up until the fire.


This blog shows what eerie feeling I experience each dy...hard to express. I was born in 1964, raised here in Baton Rouge. We lived first on Monroe Avenue (UNBELIEVABLE now...), moved to live in Capital Heights, then off of Essen Lane when it was a black-top and the I-10 was not there YET. Just woods where we kids would go pick berries in the summer, IF we were not being dropped off by someone's mom at the Broadmoor. Later I moved to Villa del Rey, rode my bike on every street in that nieghborhood along with lots of other kids. Where have all of the kids on bikes gone? Where are all of us that attended Broadmoor High? Belaire High? Baton Rouge Magnet? We are reminiscing...not growing old....we are just in awe because if you know what we mean..if you were here to see it...this decay is mind boggling. Thank Goodness I have found this blog, Kevin I listen to you every morning and I thank you.

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