The Racquetballer
An Afternoon on Florida Road


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Maybe being seen on ABR is enough of a kick in the pants to spruce up the non-abandoned joints.


My wife went there to have her wedding dress cleaned and put in a special box to preserve it for ever...and ever...and ever....

It is their thing. I've never heard of anyone taking a shirt or pants there. It was a long time ago when we went there, but I remember there not being posted hours of operation.

A lot of businesses, like this one, are doing a post Gustav fix up.


I came across your blog on the internet...Awesome Blog...I wanted to contact you and let you know that I work for a non profit that does outreach to homeless youth. We are always looking for new abandoned buildings that may be inhabited by people. I was wondering if you would be interested in shooting me an email if you come across a building that looks like it may be home to someone...We would love to go do outreach there. My name is Charity and my email is [email protected]


Have you noticed a house that you can see very clearly from interstate going west on I-12 before Airline exit? It is on Cedarcrest and looks like very large, very nice house. Been empty for as long as I can remember. Shocking because it is so big and nice. Go check it out for me, please.


I saw that place in the first picture on my way home from the gym the other day. Why have I never noticed it before? I pass by almost every day. The lights were still lit up...a month after Christmas

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