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February 2009

Rough Xing: W T F ? !


This sign sums up Sunday's adventures, as co-explorer Kara observed. There was some rough crossing over train tracks going in every direction as we biked around an industrial area of Choctaw (further west than the last excursions on that road), and judging from a terrifying incident we witnessed, some rough double-crossing as well.

Our first stop was this former office.


From across the street, I saw the word ODDITY in the window.

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Roller rink, Barq's plant, and more



I originally spotted Leo's Roller Rink on North a few months ago to my delight, but then found this website for a Leo's rink, called it to hear a human answer, and mistakenly thought the one pictured here was still open despite all appearances. Turns out that website was for a different Leo's location, duh.

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