Roller rink, Barq's plant, and more
Rough Xing: W T F ? !


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Sleepy Hollow is apparently much more colorful than Tim Burton imagined it.


I hope that broken plastic hanger on thatjunk pile doesn't mean what I think it does...

They're using WIRE HANGERS!!!


Poor Addy! I'm hoping the cone comes off soon.

Douglas LeBlanc

For many years, Dillon Catering of Baton Rouge rented out Sleepy Hollow for wedding receptions and other events. My wife and I held our wedding reception there in October 1989, and it was lovely.

I hope someone will reopen Sleepy Hollow for such joyous gatherings.

I wouldn't hold my breath on Mom's opening back up. lol


The Addie pic was the BEST!

Sleepy Hollow is creeeeeeepy. Beautiful, but only good if Johnny Depp lives there.

Leslie @ the oko box

That cake shot was creepy as hell. I think contacting the people who own Sleepy Hollow would be a cool idea, sometimes people own those places and just can't be bothered... but if the right opportunity came along....


Older BR Lady

Sleepy Hollow was many years ago the home of a vet. There is a pet cemetary on the property behind the house.


My great-grandfather used to live in the small house on the south end of Sleepy Hollow in the '60's till his death in '72. I used to visit him there with my father when I was a child.

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Where is the sleepy hollow house?


That's Woody Jenkin's estate across the street on the other side of Foster.....

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For all u sleepy hollow fans. Its been purchased and will be turned into a rehab facility

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