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ABR Inspires Bizarre Art

You're about to see the second video (first linked here) made with photos from Abandoned Baton Rouge. In this case, the video was made with one photo from my visit to the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College dorm, and it's one that has always been a hit with the kids (I believe there's a framed version of this photo somewhere in Jackson, MI).


After the jump, the song and video for "If You Like Pina Coladas, Kiss My Black Ass."

Post modern!


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Blake Taylor

Hey i am with Everyday Paranormal of La.
My name is Blake and i love .... hang on let me describe this word...... I EFFIN LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE old buildings and would like to know if you ever get any paranormal activity in any of these places.. i would love to see these places with a camcorder..

well thanks and i await a reply.
[email protected]

Oh and BTW i live off Drusilla if just to show that i am real LOL and i work off of Choctaw...


I love your site, but come on, this was the worst post/tease ever



Deez, Oh, I'm sorry. Here is your refund of the $0 you pay to read this blog.

Baton Rouge

I do like Pina Coladas, so I will kiss your black ass.


Love this blog. I'm from br, check out some of my urban decay pics from the area. Oh, and be safe in the northern! lates.

F'in Librul

One of the funnier posts I've read here. thanks!


that is fabulous, colleen. i am a huge fan of random street graffiti... and the odd art they in turn inspire...


love love love!


Wow it looks as though i was mis-understood that long ago. I wasn't being mean. I thought that i was being funny. As in " Kiss my black ass " Being worst. And Pina coladas being the tease. LOL i meant to harm about this website what-so-ever. Just to make things clear


Brilliant vid :) LOL


Great stuff. I knew you had to cover the Jimmy Swaggart dorm. It's probably Baton Rouge's most well-known eyesore.

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