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Ahoy hoy

I just entered a photography contest to win $50K to go shoot anything I want anywhere. Guess what I chose? Morbid Americana! If you like what I do here, please click to vote for my idea. You do have to sign in to prove you're not a robot, but it only takes a moment. 

I entered very late in the contest-- it ends Friday, April 3, so I really need to get the vote out. (Just click on PIC IT.) Please share this with anyone else who will help, via Twitter, Facebook, message boards, whatever. Thanks!

Endless Buffet of Leftovers


And now, a bunch of sites I've been meaning to post from two recent excursions, but they were trumped by the showing and telling of the time I saw coffins and the time I could have ended up in a coffin.

First, yet another car repair joint, this one on Florida and more colorful than most. Note the sinkhole in the repair floor, below. 



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ABR Inspires Bizarre Art

You're about to see the second video (first linked here) made with photos from Abandoned Baton Rouge. In this case, the video was made with one photo from my visit to the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College dorm, and it's one that has always been a hit with the kids (I believe there's a framed version of this photo somewhere in Jackson, MI).


After the jump, the song and video for "If You Like Pina Coladas, Kiss My Black Ass."

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