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Best Comment Ever


It's Friday, so you know what that means (no you don't, yet)-- It's time for ABR's new regular feature, Best Comment Ever!

For this week's month's Best Comment Ever, we're going all the way back to a post from 2007 when my old camera Old Blue Eye made everything look blue, and a storytelling comment which was left by commenter Jay in 2008. The post covered LoBianco's Grocery, among other Government Street buildings. 

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Big Fan?

Hi all,

First, thanks for joining me in this third year of Abandoned Baton Rouge. 

I finally made it into 2008 and created a Facebook page for ABR after I was alerted to a Baton Rouge memories page on Facebook running photos of places I've covered here, such as the Real Superstore and the Broadmoore Theater. Must say, I found that Facebook page to be suspiciously derivative of this blog. But at any rate, won't you be my fan

I want to thank everyone for the praise, insight, and memories you leave. I don't often respond to the comments, but I read every one with interest. And you are too kind--Lord knows a lot of the photos on here are not my best; in fact, I cringe to look back at many posts--never mind the fact that most of the time I don't even have interior access to the buildings I feature.


Thanks to the guy who brought me here to Louisiana in the first place, and to the birthday of Baby Jesus, I have a new camera--a much better one, without sand damage to the lens. And I have never been a trained photographer, but I've been slowly improving with practice. I have less than five months left living in BR, but I hope these will be productive months for the blog (and as always, I need your suggestions for sites to check out). So let's make these last few months count!