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Abandoned Baton Rouge's 3rd Birthday Giveaway

UPDATE: Congratulations go out to our winner Amber King of Baton Rouge, Louisiana! She chose the lovely Dahlia chair as her prize, in green as a fine accent for her 1950s home. (She's a woman after my own heart.) Thanks to everyone who entered, and in doing so gave me feedback about my Etsy shop.

P.S. Buy stuff from my shoppe.

Hoorah! Little ABR is 3 years old and one of you lucky readers will get the present, thanks to the fine folks at, a site of 200+ stores that sell everything including the proverbial kitchen sink, as well as kitchen tables, appliances, and cookware. (Having just spent a significant chunk of time in CSN's stores picking prizes, I can testify that it's easy to get sucked in.)

The winner gets to choose one item from the prizes below.

1. In honor of all the lonely chairs I've spotted around Baton Rouge, I present a lovely chair for the ladies and delicate gents: The LumiSource Dahlia Chair, also available in black, lime, and white.


(Big dudes will want to avoid this chair.)

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Cinclare Plantation Sugar Mill, Part 2



Apologies for the delay between posts. I was settling back to Brooklyn, procrastinating, freelance writing and looking for a steady job. (I am still looking, and very much hoping for good news about a recent job interview. Wish me luck!)

So! Where were we? In the first real post about Cinclare, we just finished up touring the main mill. But that still leaves numerous intriguing outbuildings and structures, so let's take a look at those. 


The photo below was taken inside the first molasses tank, which has been cut open for storage.


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