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June 28, 2012


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The General Laundry Cleaners building is beautiful. I wish I could afford a place like that to fix up.

I've always loved Charity Hospital, too. My mom did her residency there. She met my dad there in the early '70s, after he had a motorcycle accident. The building really could make a nice hotel, like many of the ones in Miami. As many people that come to New Orleans just because of places supposedly being haunted, a former hospital would make a great ghost hotel.

I'm not sure if anything is being done with it, but you should check out the Blue Plate building. It's around the corner of Earhart and Jefferson Davis.


Katie, the Blue Plate building has been renovated! It's now some sort of artist lofts.

There's a video about before/during/after renovation here: http://www.blueplatelofts.com/
It shows several photos of the interior when it was still abandoned.


Thanks Katie & Emily. Katie, how cool about your parents. Good idea for CH-- or the Louisiana film people could use the hospital for movies & TV shows. I had no idea about the Blue Plate building/lofts-- it's great! It gave me an idea for a story I might write at work.

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Tack för att du skriver det här. Jag känner verkligen som om jag vet så mycket mer om detta än jag gjorde innan. Din blogg kom verkligen några saker att tända att jag aldrig skulle ha tänkt på innan du läser den. Du bör fortsätta med denna skulle im säker de flesta är överens youve fick en gåva.
Det är rätt blogg för alla som behöver att söka ut ut om detta ämne. Du inser mycket Dess nästan mödosamma att argumentera med dig (inte att jag faktiskt skulle behöva ... haha). Du definitivt sätta en ny prägel på ett ämne thats varit skrivits om i flera år. Fina grejer, bara bra!


Thanks for the post on some great old NOLA buildings. The Carver Theater will be renovated soon. Perez (the architecture firm I own) is working on plans now.

And the Blue Plate Building (now Artists Lofts) is beautiful again! August Perez designed the building back in the 1940's. We were not involved in renovations but luckily they kept much of the building's art deco details.

There is still a lot of work to be done in SE LA, but at least some progress is being made on some of the great historic, iconic buildings.


I've passed by that building a million times and was wondering " What the heck are they going to do with that building???"

Shanna White

I love signs baton rouge. It's a beautiful place!

Maria Green

When we visit places, we tend to judge it by its buildings and houses. When they look old, we tend to give judgements without hesitations. We can learn a lot from this post. We should not be judgmental anyways.

Jessica Pattison

Is the book exchange available for rent?


Very sad to see. New Orleans was such a lovely place when i used to live there. We need somebody that is going to come in and reallly drive change and clean up the place.

K20 Tesla

Oh no! What happened to New Orleans? It's a lot different than before.


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I used to go there when I was little. I can't believe what happened to the place.

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How disappointing. I am actually planning to go there but when I saw these photos I changed my mind.

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I haven't been here for a long time. It looks very different now.


The domed roof building looks so cool!

Ed KRamer

Charity hospital is a great old building. Hope they can save it!

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