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June 09, 2012


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Another great post as usual, Colleen!! I had no idea there was a chapel there!


I was in the Great Hall in 1999 for Baton Rouge High's Winter Formal dance. I was a freshman then. That's the closest I ever got to the hotel. Just wondering, can anyone get on the property to look around? I would love to see it firsthand. Your pictures are wonderful, though. Thank you for sharing!!

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Alice Fish

that's sad that it's being torn down. i wish they'd remake it. such a cool place.

paul b

The Belmont was an awesome place in it's time. I played in a band there as a teenager several times. My brother was married there in 1979 and at the time you couldn't find a nicer place in the south.
The Orleans and Pan American suites had their own swimming pools
and were as big as a house and everything was top notch nothing left undone at the Belmont. Anyone who ever saw it in it's prime will never find a place that would compare to it.

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Thanks a lot for such a profound review.I really liked the article, especially the pics. They are really vivid.


Oh, what an awesome place. I'm glad I found it while looking on the internet for cool, old abandoned places.
The old photos were so cool. Glad I found ur site. It's too bad the Bellemont was abandoned and fell into disrepair. It looks like it was a great place at one time.


I just wanted to say, it's too bad those salvage organizations weren't interested in preserving those old mosaic tiles. Never ever will anyone be able to get those again. Only if someone finds them in a vintage place and decides to salvage them. It's a shame that many salvageable parts get sent to a landfill. And from such an iconic place. Too bad it had to be torn down.



I am 17 years old and I absolutely adore looking through abandoned buildings in baton rouge and wherever else I can. I went to the great hall for my 16th birthday to see what was left behind and after that I was hooked I know you don't live in baton rouge anymore but I'd like to take some pictures for you. Kinda like helping where you left off. I'm a decent photographer and have been to quite a few abandoned buildings if you'd like me to help at all I'd be overjoyed too. My email is iluvyew66@hotmail.com . Also to everyone who enjoys history it's a great place to find pets. :)

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Wow that is amazing to compare the two photos. It's amazing how quickly nature can take reclaim man made concrete jungles. Theres something beautiful about these abandoned buildings


I stayed the night at the Bellemonte in 1998 after a Mardi Gras ball at the Great Hall. All I can say is I'm glad I was super drunk and didn't care how freakishly creepy it was there. It was going downhill then.

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So sad! I miss the hotel.


Hard to believe that was the same place and now it's gone. I've been in Baton Rouge a long time. Seldom seen a fairly iconic place I know run down so far.

Tas Murah

I stayed the night at the Bellemonte in 1998 after a Mardi Gras ball at the Great Hall. All I can say is I'm glad I was super drunk and didn't care how freakishly cree


My husband and I had our wedding reception in 1980 in the suite with the pool pictured here . We have a picture of our toast standing in front of the Mayan fire place.
Such an awesome memory.


Hey I have been exploring abandoned places recently and I came across this one and I would love to go check it out but there’s not address or what’s it’s around could you help me out @ noahthegangsta@gmail.com < I made the email years ago and still use it

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