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January 12, 2018

Abandoned Baton Rouge: The Book!

Fantastic news, friends.






Abandoned Baton Rouge will be part of Fonthill Media's America Through Time series. It should be out in time for Christmas 2018. 

The Abandoned Baton Rouge book will have my words and photos plus new material, historic images, and lots of information. It will be a way to learn about Baton Rouge as I did, in reverse: by looking at what’s left and discovering the story behind it.

I will be putting on my research glasses and finding out Facts! Picture a montage in a movie of someone combing through microfiche in a library basement. (Does microfiche still exist? I'm about to find out.)

That means I'm coming your way, Louisiana. As always, I welcome tips on as yet uncovered sites I should check out, and offers to give me access and escort me through properties.  

If you're new here, read on. 

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