Downtown Hodgepodge


I spent a late afternoon wandering around downtown last week because I decided to go through with my proposed idea, Main Street, Exiled: Disappearing Downtowns, on a new blog Disappearing Downtowns. I will only be here in Louisiana about one more year, so this new blog is a way to keep up the ABR-style photography wherever I roam.


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Walkin' Around the Choc(taw)


The old ball and chain and I recently checked out a few more sites around Choctaw Drive, an area with no shortage of abandoned buildings. You might even say it's chock full of them. Wocka Wocka! The train above is next to the apparently abandoned LA Office Supply Warehouse.

Next up is Patton's Plaza, a former carpeting and flooring store/ childcare facility. (You know: one of those!)



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