Pace's hair Styling: the patriotic salon that time never forgot

This low-profile, enigmatic hair salon had escaped my notice on my first sweep through this stretch of Government.


I like how uncertain the lettering looks. It reflects my experience at the place. What is its deal?! I grew even more confused after looking inside.


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LoBianco's Gro. & Beer, Unknown car joint, Winn Dixie

Last Friday was an epic photo-gathering expedition for me. I was out nearly three hours in the midday sun, covering five abandoned sites, also stopping for excellent Lebanese food at Arzi's and narrowly avoiding heat stroke. Problem is, this is a photo blog and my g-damn digital camera won't stop washing everything in blue. So I've decided to post the remaining three sites I shot that day all in one post, before switching over to use my bf's fancier camera. After this post, say goodbye to the blues!

Here we have LoBianco's Gro. & Beer at Government Street and Steele, in the classic Old South style that I have actually never seen outside of movies and TV.


Could this sun-faded promotional Stroh's poster be sadder right now? Not really.


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