Triple A Cleaners, plus empty houses...or not?

(I know: again with the AAA-naming business! Have a little confidence, Baton Rouge businesses!)


AAA Cleaners is another place with that Night of the Comet if people just vaporized, leaving their everyday items.


But this time...they left enough clues that even from outside, I know when this place closed down.

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The bleakest day (hopefully) of abandoned exploration

I know I promised no more blue-tinted photos, and I did finally get to borrow a better camera, but before that happened, I took a walk on Government Street heading toward the Old Miss and got these shots. On this day's expedition, I was as lonely as this cute elephant.



This was most recently called something like People's Car Parts, Inc., according to the faded lettering on the exterior. But originally, I think this building looks more like maybe an old movie theater. Or maybe it was just a big store with big display windows. At any rate, it is now difficult to imagine this area when this was new and nice.

This place was about where I started officially feeling out of my league, just very conspicuous taking photos, to those at the car wash across the street.


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