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October 31, 2007


the bf

testes, testes, 1,2,3....


I can't stop reminiscing about my all-girls 90s jam band, "Lure".


Awesome roadtrip!!
You need some video support for the next one.


This sounds like it was the best trip evs.


What a great trip, and so well re-lived! There is always hope for a whiskey-drinking writer. What with the likes of Bukowski & Raymond Chandler- 2 of my favourites.
This link will better explain


Oh by the way Colleen, your post is now very well aligned and looks perfect on a Mac!


Alignment is fine. OS X 10.4.10; Firefox; Safari 3.0.3.

And look, I'm still alive!

Welcome to BR.


I hope you avoided Beale street in memphis. My travel companion thought it was the best and most authentic thing ever. Yeah. I'm sorry white guys playing classic rock covers (including the electric slide) in the budweiser pavillion does not equal authentic blues. We did say a Ray Pruit copy playing the guitar on the curb and some oldie timey guys chimed in and danced around...that was the most authentic thing on that street.


I saw Leah's photos yesterday. So awesome. As is my Loretta Lynn & Doo floaty pen!!!!!

I'm with kartek- Beale Street is like a smaller version of Bourbon Street. The realness is elsewhere. And bonus points to her for the 90210 reference.


Steve, you should be our videographer next time!
Therese, it was!
Sri & Trey, thanks! Phew.
Kartek, we did a drive-by of Beale Street and it looked so honky tonk that was didn't get out. I'm glad you spelled Pruit right--"with one T because my momma couldn't afford the other one."


Girl, you have GOT to go to Vicksburg! Makes Jackson look cool! Keep on trippin'!

Callie Daniel

I know this post was just a little under a year ago, but you pretty much pegged Oxford for what it is.
I go to Ole Miss and will be graduating in the fall.
I, thankfully, am not one of those blonde sorority bimbos that you saw in our (yes, very....) lame bars. I hope Oxford wasn't too much of a culture shock for you, but maybe you can come again when we have Double Decker (huge and amazing arts and music festival).
I always wondered what somebody from the outside thought of Oxford.

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OK, i'm 2.5 years late, but it's "Loo-uh-vull," not "Low-ville..."

Great post for what sounds like a great road trip.

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