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December 20, 2007



Last year Laura and I had no money (I was working at McDonalds and she at a graphic design place for 9/hr) and so she ended up making some ...microwave...deer corn... warmer thinggy.

I have no idea if anyone ever used theirs, but they seemed to dig them... at least to our faces :)


OMG!! Because I am older than you kids, I am very familiar with all that stuff. Make ornaments out of styrofoam? Yup. (made dolls of it it and pins and beads, too). Make weird potholder things? yep. Make extremely 70s wall hangings of like, dogs, out of yarn and such (I just have vague memories of this - I think I've blocked it out due to the horror)? Do MACRAME? And yes - honestly - make things with beans? All, sadly, yes.

My mother still does stuff like this. She crochets, which sounds like it would be love but she makes things like these toilet paper covers that look like dolls (something like this: http://www.crochetnmore.com/toiletpaperdollcover.htm). It's truly truly frightening.

So please, I beg you, don't make crafty presents. Cook something. Like fudge. Everyone loves fudge! (and I have an awesome vegan recipe for it I'll pass on if you want and if you promise to not start crocheting hideously doll things)


My mother was a big crafter- mostly in the crochet & ceramic veins. In fact, she made a tree for my grandparents similar to the one glimpsed in the photo above.

I have a microwave deer corn warmer thingy and I use it all the time in the winter! Because I have a habit of living in drafty apartments.


How about the owl-on-felt "still life" with the owl made out of a certain shape of "macaroni," plastic googly eyes, and pretzel sticks?

Holy Baby Ganesh—

Am I really that much older than Cokane??

Anyhoo, I have DEFINITELY seen waaaaay more than a few bean collages (LITERALLY) on the walls of artsy/snowboarding/Trustafarian/work-at-Conde Nasty friends I have in Williamsdouche....


First-very jealous of your ceramic tree...I have one but basically allll the bulb ornaments are busted...One from my childhood. I love that tree. Any thoughts on where to get replacement bulbs.
And second did you ever do string pictures. You wrapped string around little nails and voila a picture of a house. I have very distinct memory of making those and latch hook rugs.


OK i think these are AWESOME. Srsly.

Big Daddy

I've seen those log reindeer for sale this season at some stores.



awesomest three words i've heard all day. i'm kind of worried that i just spent like 10 mins googling 'bean collage' to find one of those horrible 70's ones with pasta and beans stuff. no luck. alas.


I had one of those wooden reindeers when I was little and loved it, so naturally I was scoffing at your criticism. That is until you described the snowdrift thing, which sounds like vomit in a glass and immediately made me queasy.

I do have to second Elizabeth's recommendation for food gifts though. That way, the person doesn't have to deal with the tricky situation of either regifting or feeling obligated to display the gift when you visit.


Kettle & Therese, I had never heard of these deer corn thingies, but our house is drafty and luckily we have them! I need a full-upper-body one, please.

Elizabeth, oh I know exactly what you're talking about. All of my Nana's friends made those toilet paper cozy dolls (and there was always one on her toilet tank), and/or bicolored crocheted booties, my brother and I would get pairs every year and never wear them.

Alison, so they've gotten to the bean collages, too. I do not miss the wmsdouches.

Beth--now I have two of those trees! The one in the pic is old (belonged to another now long dead neighbor, I hadn't made that connection til just now) and the bf's gma made the other one. I think you should be able to find the bulbs at any craft store, since people are still making those trees today. I don't think I ever did a string picture, but remember them.

all, i actually like that deer decoration, though it doesn't look like it'd last for too many seasons.

brandi, actually one of our gifts is food-ish. I can't say what because I don't want to give any surprises awaaaaaaay [singing]

boutique de laine

Everyone loves fudge!

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Yum, this has always been a favorite at our local restaurant. Now I can try to make it at home--as the organic food delivery always brings me advocados and I never know what to do with them (I'm from Michigan, you know!)

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I have a microwave deer corn warmer thingy and I use it all the time in the winter! Because I have a habit of living in drafty apartments. I think these are awesome and is a favorite in our local apartments. Thanks Collen Kane:)

Marsha Kennedy

This isn't a comment but rather a request for permission for our very small community theatre group, the Stratford Players, to read your December 20, 2007
Big Johnson style and your Cabbage Patch Fever: 30 Years After - Updated Nov 17, 2011.
We are planning on performing a Christmas reading of numerous essays, articles, and poems on Nov. 27, Dec. 3 and 4. The location is the Church of Christ, Scientist, Idyllwild, and our usual audience is 25-35 people of whom we ask $12 each. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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