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May 17, 2010



"Biff Tannen is, to sum it up in one word, a bully."

"...I saw the movie three times and will again and again"

You didn't need a Delorean to get that right. I just watched it again when it came on two weeks ago.


Well typed!

Jack Long

Nice Cover!

I Need Money Desperately

wow. You still have this after 23 years? Cool man! This is classic.


I think I've given an "A" for similar reasons. :)

Kat Bride

Hi! Another Gillette friend told me about your blog. Colleen, I attended St. Vincent's starting in Kindergarden when you were in 8th grade. We rode the bus together and I thought you were so sweet and pretty! It's true that SVdP education standards weren't perfect at the time. My parents were recently honored by Msgr. Brown at the endowment dinner and speaking from the old-school parents perspective, they mentioned how often rumours would fly about the school closing and how happy they were to see the school improve so the younger families could reap the benefits. I wonder how many casino nights and breakfasts with Santa they had to volunteer with before winning the award. I left SVdP to attend Villa Walsh in Morristown but return when I visit from NYC. Also, was your teacher Leigh Alderton?

Colleen Kane

Thanks all!
Kat! Ahh, Breakfast with Santa and Casino Fun Nite. I can't believe you remember me from that long ago, and so nicely at that! Considering my criticism in the post above, I think I'll defer commenting on whether that teacher was Mrs. A or not, but I did find her to be a lovely lady. Thanks for reading and I hope to have loads more writing to share very soon.

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