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June 12, 2011



I am so in awe that I don't know what to comment about first!

So jealous of your adventure (and I cracked-up at the WTF picture from The Shining ... a friend and I have had a running joke about that scene for years)

Like the Dunhams in the last picture -- you sure did have a "humdinger of a weekend" :)

Coach Purses

I am so in awe that I don't know what to comment about first!


We're fascinated by the fading Catskills topic as well. So much so we're making a documentary called "Kutsher's Country Club: The Last Catskills Resort", check out our trailer at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjzBvr4AZBI


Why don't they let a security guard live there in exchange for protecting the place? Red rum, that's why!


Ha! Made that joke before I saw your refs at the end. Not hard to get that vibe from the photos, though. Well done!

Colleen Kane

Excellent point nonetheless, Kevin! Ian, I can't wait to see your documentary!

Joe Lehman

Great blog! Thank you for sharing! It's always great to see some new pics of the hotel!

Hannah Bacharach

On the other side of the half-wall (behind the row of stools), I believe was a kind of walk-way (along which there were pin-ball machines. (Also exit to outdoors). Near one end of the walk-way was the entrance to the coffee shop, and sundries shop. Down the other end was an area where there were ping-pong tables, the window that looked INTO the deep end of the indoor pool, and the entrance to the health club.

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This is a wonderful article,I like it very much.

Jay S

While I never worked at the "G", I had many friends that did (Dinning Room). The only thing that looks worse is whats left of The Concord. One correction for you tho. The Nevelle/Fallsview Hotels are still open.


Colleen, I think we are two of a kind! I have always loved abandoned buildings and this one takes the cake- Great article! I also really like you other blog about disappearing down towns. I have a blog about a similar subject you might like- http://roadsideweirdness.blogspot.com/. If you are ever in Kentucky, look me up and I'll take you to some great abandonments :D

Colleen Kane

Thanks, all. Jay, looks like Nevele closed in 2009. To the last comment, I'd love to return to Kentucky but you'll have to give me a better way to look you up!

Magnetic Bracelets

This is fascinating! I've explored some of the ruins around Lake Alder in the Catskills and I'll have to add this to my future list. The indoor pool room is very cool. I'm off to Google now to look up more history on this property.


Nice...BTW, the court next to the greenhouse was a handball court - not tennis. The laundry room is gone now - so is the boiler! See my pics on www.joe4speed.com/grossingers


OOPS! Error in url in above post!


Lots of good pics too in the forum section!

Natalie and my german shorthaired pointer dog

What happened to the place why has it become such an abandoned one?

Lisa Lang

Thanks for such a great post! I was a guest at Grossinger's in the 50's and 60's, and worked in the bar and nightclub in the early 70's (Pink Elephant, I think.
It's so sad to see what has happened to such a remarkable venue...in it's heyday, the staff to guest ratio was one to one! Unbelievably great service!

Thanks again.

Jon H

Hi Colleen,
What a fascinating post, and thank you for the hat tip/link. I found this site through referrals to my Flickr photos. I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy the awe and wonder that is Grossinger's. I've spent many hours there, and I know a few people who have returned almost a dozen times. Through research for the book, I was able to get in contact with a number of family members, and if you're interested in hearing more about the locations you photographed, feel free to get in touch! (fyi: the green swivel chairs are on the bottom level of the hotel, next to the mon ami shop - not the terrace lounge)


I discovered a huge selection of details and photographs online masking several discontinued accommodations in the location. I envied the people who could discover those locations and considered of doing it myself.

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I think
It's so sad to see what has happened to such a remarkable venue...in it's heyday, the staff to guest ratio was one to one! Unbelievably great service!


4Toronto Arenas and the Toronto St. Patricks. It is one of the original members of the NHL.

matt pollack

well now. after dinner in some interesting interpretation, a culinary portal in time, tonight i found myself on this site revisiting a few points of my life. live in NYC and had dinner at Kushers (play on name as well as it's font) in Tribeca. A brilliant return, or re-entry to a time where people ate like there was no tomorrow, or cardiac concern. Came home and found this site. Looking at this beautiful relic as it sadly grows into a slow motion grave left me sad. But my dear, the fact that someone has dedicated the same emotion and captured these images with perfect statement...well, bravo. now if i can get my father to view this over the phone with the Mac i bought him, my life will be complete. he still refers to the device as "the machine". xo.

Irma Campos

Thank you so much for sharing this once Grand and wonderful place!! I adore things of the past, It is so sad that it was not maintained. The history is amazing! I am from California and I can imagine what a wonderful adventure it was to stroll through Grissingers and step back in time. It reminds me of my parents and when they were in there prime! Thanks again!!

Saku Pyysalo

It is always sad to see some abandon resort which mean that they did not get success.In Finland i never seen any abandon resort and hotels which i seen that place is really successful because of giving a good and affordable services for their customer and for all the traveler that make's them come back for a lot of reason.

David Loehmann

I seem to be a little late in the game here, but I did want to mention how much I enjoyed reading this blog. Not only was it informative but entertaining as well. Comparisons with The Shining are inevitable when exploring defunct hotels such as these, but your choice of pictures was genius. LOL was literally what I did when I saw those. The Loehmanns were frequent visitors at Grossinger's as well as the Concord. A family feud brought about one set of cousins going to Grossinger's while the others stayed at the Concord (us). Meanwhile, Bubbe Loehmann, who was pissed off at everyone, stayed only at the Nevele. It makes me very sad to see these places now either ruined or destroyed. But I am so glad there is so much interest in them today! Thank you so much! David Loehmann

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