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January 09, 2012



Another great adventure for we the readers!


OMG,the site for Sandy...something in my eye.

James Thomas

Love your site avid follower!!! You or one brave women!!




Oh My god! I have always wanted to go there! I was born a year after it closed. :(

I found it when it still has the indoor pool building, and skating rink. I really wish I could've seen it in its glory day.


there is a great place here in dunedin nz but it is a long way and unfortunately it has just been bought. it is an old returned servicemen retirement home i have some photos somewhere it is definitely haunted i think! lol

Stanley Feigenbaum

Colleen - for you, not for posting.
I am the Stanley you mentioned in the Pines piece. I thank you for your nice comment on my Sandy's website. How did you happen to wander across it?


Thanks all. Stanley, I found your lovely website by Google searching The Pines resort. It was so touching to see someone's personal memory of the place.


I remember when I used to work there in the 80's and ran the Ice rink as well as being a part time camp counselor.. Omg the stories I can tell of what went on behind the scenes and in the staff quarters.. I miss those days,,,,

Heidi Heiderich Barbero

My dad, Gordon Heiderich, was the drummer there for many years. I'm thinking 70's through early 80's. Not sure which years. He worked many of the hotels in the Catskills. I remember the Ice Rink, Pools, and especially the arcade. Loved those pinball machines. The Pines was beautiful. It's heartbreaking to see the remains.


Gene Simmons (Klein) was a lifeguard there while he went to college. Maybe they can turn it into a KISS resort *L*


Thanks for the memories Adam and Heidi. And Danny, Ha! I did not know that fun fact. Thank you.


You just explored the The Pines Hotel or like to explore other abandoned places too? I love exploring abandoned places - hotels to see how they're are now and if there are old "vintage" things of the hotel left behind by it's last owners (I like collecting old stuff and dream in founding a Cup, gobblet, teapot, anything count) Did you felt afraid to explore the Pines, was scary?

David dcohen@bergen

Worked at the pines as a bellhop..1966-1968. best time of my life up till then.wonderful guests and owners miss it

Jose Paz

Dis anyone remember the name of the ski chalet instructor in the late 70's. Please I will like to know, thank you. She used to work at the gift shop at Brickman Hotel too.

Don Reed

Researching Van Harris, a comedian who use to play dates at the Pines, led me here. Fascinating, but please don't endanger your life just to find out that swimming pools are "going pond"! Thank you. Don Reed

Howard Koor

A bittersweet expose of a special place in a special era. Thank you.

David K.

I used to go the Chalet on Saturday nights with all my friend in the early 80's. The best times of my life.

louie corona

I was there in the mid 80s as a teen with a few friends. Had an awsome time. Wish it was still open

Genyne Mroz

Thank you for walking me down memory lane. My family would visit the Pines each year the first weekend after New Years Day for a ski weekend.

We would go with a group from a local VFW Post in Yonkers, NY. I learned how to ski and ice skate there. Wish the Pines was still open to create those type of memories for my daughters.

Claudia Cipolla

My husband & I honeymooned at the Concord in 1981. We went for a weekend there with friends a few years after we were married. Now it's gone. So sad all of these resorts have been abandoned.

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