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November 12, 2012



Great story, as usual. Glad you made it safely through the storm.

Mighty Favog

In the face of that level of overwhelming, I will focus on just the one little practical thing that can be saved. Tell your friend that the Coke crate will be fine -- anything that's solid wood or impermeable will be fine once you disinfect it and let it dry out.

When you've lost that much, there's no sense in losing more than what is unavoidable. Hold on to what "before" you can. When you're over being overwhelmed, you'll be happy you did.

Apart from that, all I got is "Bless their hearts" and "Holy crap!"

And, yes, I made my donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund right away. Everybody needs to help a brother (and a sister) out. Preferably with a fistful of cash.

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