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That's pretty interesting. You know what they need? They need a Sam's Club built on top of all that history.

wow! I love that red goose shoe sign.

And ham and cheese burgers...why does that suddenly sound good?

what do i have running through my mind.....

"half the fun of having feet is red goose shoes...."

how many of y'all have ever seen a red goose shoe commercial????

bravo zulu!!! ya done good, kane.....

and i've been waiting for this to hit for the last day or so.....

The New York Times link is fuxxored. FTFY below.

What? No picture of the hand pointing heavenward atop the Port Gibson Presbyterian Church?

This has been absolutely charming!

NYTimes/Frishman-article link has gone bad, but no biggie. Heh, there's all sortsa old-school Jews in Mississippi, both rural and urban.

Oh I just noticed butch already mentioned that about the bad link – and on the same day you posted it.

I found this blog after viewing my mother's Downtown Port Gibson photos on flickr: Windsor Ruins / Port Gibson 2005 · www.flickr.com/photos/maedeans/sets/72157623363459069

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My home town. It's McFatters Drugs. Bought many a soda there. Great pics. Wish you could have stayed longer. A lot more places to see.

It's not as bad as it looks port gibson can be alot of fun from time to time and it brings alot of people back home to the south where its nice and quiet but their is more you need to see because trust and believe at one point it was too beautiful to burn

There's a synagogue in Port Gibson. Did you see it? Is it still there? My grandmother lived in Port Gibson and I visited often -- was always fascinated by the way the synagogue looked.

I love Port Gibson. The First Presbyterian Hand is pretty amazing, and the history in the area fascinating. When I lived in Vicksburg, MS I took a few scenic drives down that way. Once I left a little too late and got lost after dark in the back roads outside of town. Found a group of people around a huge bonfire made from tires, old furniture, and other refuse. I admit it was intimidating, but I asked for directions. Not only did they oblige, but they offered me a drink and invited me to stay awhile. One of the most unique experiences of my life.

Many beautiful places in Port Gibson. Main st. may not be booming however Port Gibson is still to beautiful to burn. How about the beautiful homes on Hwy 61, the gold hand, Chamberlain Hunt Academy, The Grand Gulf Military park, the river, and many other places nearby. I was married in the church at Grand Gulf military park. It was moved from an area called Rodney because it was in danger of being lost to erosion from the Mississippi river. My father and grandfater restored it after it was moved.

Among those people that appear in our life, some are to teach us, some to comfortus, some to share and some to love.

i grew up in port gibson. I was not a kind place to my family. the old red neck men was terriable. my father was JOHN w. Barnes. J. Mack Jones and a bunch of other red necks ran my family out of Port Gibson. I have family there, but it is not a place I would want to live.

Cell phones are a distraction and will make you less aware of your surroundings.

I just published a fiction book starting in 1915 when a sidewheeler burned and sank south of Port Gibson. The story moves to Natchez, back to Port Gibson then to New Orleans in 1935.
Title: "The Mystery of the Louisville Star".
Can the Louisville Star retain secrets from her watery grave?
Eight murders, Dine and Dance cruises on the Mississippi River, New Orleans jazz and Creeole cuisine.
This book would make an excellent movie and can be purcshased from Barnes and Noble and Amazon on the internet.
Thanks for reading . . .

Coming to Port Gibson, Mississippi in a month, writing a book...anyone got any connection?

I'm from Port Gibson and I love the town ,but my mind is always wondering and I was not able to grow there so after high school I started to attend college in Houston and I love going back home EVERY chance I get. It is such a huge difference between the two cities and they are only six hours away from each other.

I grew up there.it was not a good place for our family. old man J Mack Jones and other whites forced my father off his land in 1964. they took our land and ran us out of town. my father loved Port Gibson. his name was John W. Barnes sr. main st. looks terriable, I would not like to live there again.we lived down on the lower end of Rodney rd. my mother was Dorothy M. Barnes.I went to Addison High School 1964.

I am doing genealogy research on Port Gibson, Ms. I would like to talk to anyone about the town if you has the time.
[email protected] names
Bradley, Garner, Hall. Hyder/Hider I still have family that lives there. Thanks Deannie

I don't really appreciate the tone of this post at all. You apparently know NOTHING about this town, and were there at the wrong time. You need to do your research and brush up on history before making snide comments. True, the town is not what it used to be, but it does have redeeming qualities to this day. You need to return on a better day and talk to some of the REAL people there and not make innuendo about something you know little about.Photograph the old churches and homes. Go to the Chamber of Commerce and visit the nice people there. Look inward.

There are many gorgeous antebellum homes in Port Gibson, also, acres of scenic farm and timber land. The wildlife is unbelievable and the cemeteries are full of history and should not be missed. The First Presbyterian Church with the hand pointing toward Heaven on the steeple is beautiful and full of history as is much of the town. Port Gibson is southern hospitality at its best. Visit the church one Sunday and I can almost promise that you will be invited to someone's home for Sunday dinner and, if you are lucky, the volleyball game that follows the home cooked meal.
If you look for the worst, that is what you find. Make a return trip, spend the day or the weekend, look at and photograph some of the things I mentioned. I think you will change your story.

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