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there is a local hardware store in BR on Perkins Road, at least i think there still was last time I was in town (in January of this year). Perkins Road hardware store I believe it's called. just down the road from the new Chelsea's away from LSU.
or perhaps i have miscontrued your excitement.

ok sorry, I just checked google map street view and it appears that there is a For Sale sign in front of it.
what a fscking shame.

This is my hometown, and the downtown area you so beautifully depict here is where I grew up....there have been changes, of course, and although they call it progress, for those of us who grew up there...it isn't. There are a couple of books out on the history of Rayne...with pics...you should check them out. Cheryl Richard and Tony Olinger are the authors....great pics of a sleepy southern town. I tell my kids that I grew up in Mayberry....and I sorta did~Thanks for the memories

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But a new Italian study finds that for some people.

Are you going to Earth Day today? It seems the sun is peeking out, although the humidity feels like a big wet sloppy kiss. Ugh, summer in south Louisiana is here.

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My lovely grandparents help run that five and dime and have for as long as i can remember. They were probably eyeballing you cause you looked new! I know had you told them you were interested in some history of the town my grandfather would have told you more than you could remember. The history books are good and they sell them there at whitmores. . .

OOps. Worthmores. haha

I grew up a few doors down from Worthmore's, and it was like home to me. The ladies there were family. After being gone for many years, I walked into Worthmore's, totally not expecting to see anyone that I knew. But then, about 3 steps in the door, I heard.."Monique? Monique Domingue?"....And I thought, yeah...this is still home!~

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